Newspaper jobs, industry’s future at stake if newsprint tariffs aren’t reversed

The conversation around the exorbitant tariffs now being imposed on imports of Canadian newsprint, and their damaging impact on our industry, has reached a critical stage as the International Trade Commission (ITC) ramps up its final investigation.

In coordination with the STOPP Coalition, the News Media Alliance has launched a petition calling on the ITC to reverse the tariffs. NMA is hoping to obtain 10,000 signatures by the ITC’s scheduled hearing on the case on July 17, but it can only do it with your help.

NMA has provided new digital ads promoting the petition for you to run, which can be found on this website.  You are also encouraged to share this petition broadly with your readers via email and social media.

For your convenience, NMA has provided sample tweets promoting the petition, which you can incorporate into your social media scheduling, as well as a sample email for your consideration to send to subscribers to encourage them to take action.

In addition, NMA is sending supporters to the STOPP website and asking people to follow STOPP on Twitter and Facebook, and to use the hashtag #StoptheNewsprintTax, in an effort to stimulate an online movement that will drive signatures to the Petition.

Newspaper jobs and the future of our industry are at stake. Thank you in advance for doing what you can to raise awareness to this issue and to help put a stop to these harmful tariffs.

Please contact Paul Boyle, Senior VP, Public Policy, at if you have any questions or need assistance.

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