Newspaper-sponsored Public Notice website close to 7,000 page views in July with 831 ‘users’

Kentucky’s Public Notice website — owned and operated by KPA and its member newspapers — is getting good use by the public. Without a lot of promotion and marketing until recently, did have some visitors regularly. But in the last three months, as KPA has encouraged more and more newspapers to upload their issues so NewzGroup can scrape the notices and post them without cost to the papers or the public to access the site, use has been growing.

For the month of July, had 831 users with a total of 6,895 page views.

You have to wonder how the page view numbers and even the number of users stacks up to city and county website usage. Check your local government websites and see if they do analytics on usage. Just another way to be ready to combat moving notices out of newspapers.

Legislators think those are the way for notices to be disseminated but if the use isn’t there, if the public isn’t accessing local government sites, it’s a worthless endeavor. Then again, it’s probably more the attitude some of those leaders have about newspapers.

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