Newspapers hunt for local ad dollars as Main Street evolves

By Sean Stroh, Editor & Publisher

Despite sharp decreases in total advertising revenue over the past 10 years, its importance for community newspapers at the local level today can’t be overlooked, or simply disregarded as a meaningless endeavor. While the national ad numbers may pale in comparison to what they once were in the pre-internet world, small businesses remain a valuable and critical piece of a local paper’s overall financial health. As enticing as it may be to point to various social factors such as changes in consumer habits or corporate consolidation as a reason to pursue other sources of revenue, the reality is that there are in fact local ad dollars out there to gain.

It’s just a matter of where to look for them. E&P spoke with newspaper professionals about how they started working with small businesses, what they found, and how others can find the same success. [Full story]

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