Newsprint tariff is for real; if you don’t act now, it’ll be too late soon

We’ve had articles in On Second Thought about a proposed tariff on newsprint since back in mid-March. I’m betting some of you never paid attention and an equal amount thought, “Oh, it’ll never happen so I won’t worry about it.”


It’s not a done deal and we won’t know its future until later this summer and there’s a small bit elsewhere in today’s On Second Thought that July 17 is the date the International Trade Commission will hear testimony from a variety of groups, including Congressional members, on whether the proposed tariff is for real or not. But all indications are it IS for real and if the tariff is not stopped, prices will soar and newsprint will be harder to get.

So please, go ahead to all of these links below that were in previous On Seconds and read up on the background.

All of the links to previous OST articles were submitted by the News Media Alliance or the National Newspaper Association.

But instead of listening to us, please read what one of your colleagues has to say about the issue. It’s from Catherine Boone, general manager of the Frankfort State Journal and a member of the KPA Board of Directors.

“Publishers/owners in the state need to be doing two things: lobbying against the tariffs and preparing for impact if they are made permanent in June.

“I encourage them to read the News Media Alliance  information link and Stop Tariffs on Printers and Publishers (STOPP) Coalition, attached. Every publisher and owner in the state needs to coordinate an effort by newspapers in their group to email the U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators who serve the city/ town where their newspaper(s) publish. This needs to be done immediately.

“As for what individual papers need to do, I would encourage them to educate their readers on the situation and have a good digital option if there comes a day when newsprint is not available. Printing operations need to do the same.

“Some additional information that we’ve run in the State Journal is below:

“Editorial about the subject from The State Journal –

Steve’s (Stewart’s, the column on the subject from The State Journal –


Need to catch up on the issue. Here are some of the items we’ve had in On Second Thought since the end of March.

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