NNA eliminates D.C. meeting next year

A statement from National Newspaper Association: 

Our industry is changing. And so must we. 

Next year, the National Newspaper Association will focus all of its resources for a national meeting on an excellent annual convention in Milwaukee, WI, on Oct. 3-5, 2019.

Like so many others, we realize that running two national meetings a year is asking a lot of our publishers. All of us are totally focused on making our newspapers as great as they can be, so we will not ask you to attend a government relations summit in March. 

This is not the end of the summit. We will need you in 2020, an election year, when we expect political tension to be at its peak. For 2019, though, the board will continue its tradition of meeting in Washington in March, but there will be no general membership lobbying day. We will make sure the directors spend time on Capitol Hill to continue to be the industry’s voice in Washington. The directors will report back on what they have learned.

And we will continue our Government Relations Committee meetings on the second Thursday each month. If you are able to join us, please email Tonda Rush, tonda@nna.org, so she can put you on the alert list. 

NNA’s commitment to its government relations and postal mission is unchanged. We recognize that our role in the larger world of newspapers is critical and that we will be called upon again and again to help Washington understand how important local newspapers are. Please evolve with us as we explore new and better (and less costly) ways to do this work.

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