NNA, NMA sought reduction in margins on newsprint

While the Department of Commerce’s decision didn’t do away with the newsprint tariffs as such, and only the International Trade Commission can do that, this week’s announcement on the tariff situation was a victory in part for the coalition seeking to slow down the margins.

Below is a comment from the News Media Alliance, and similarly from the National Newspaper Association, that the department’s rollback on tariffs is not “bad news.”

Now, as far as the decision, our coalition has been encouraging the Department of Commerce to use its discretion to bring down the margins – particularly as it relates to the 22 percent “All Others” antidumping rate. 

As you may remember, Catalyst received a preliminary antidumping duty of 22 percent, and Resolute and White Birch each received zero.  In the preliminary, Commerce threw out those zeroes, and applied the 22 percent duty on “All Others,” which includes Kruger, Tembec…etc. 

In today’s decision, Commerce revised this “All Others” rate to zero. 

To put it in perspective, newsprint manufacturers not listed below saw the “All Others” rates for CVD and AD duties go from 28.69% to 8.54%.  For Kruger, which was included in the CVD but not the AD, saw its margins go from 32% to 9.53%.

This is obviously good news. 

Below are all of the new rates, which now range from 8.4 percent to 20.26 percent instead of 4.4 percent to 32 percent.  Catalyst’s rates increase the overall average. 

These duties will still cause damage in the marketplace, so we shouldn’t let up on our efforts to convince the International Trade Commission to reverse these tariffs altogether. 

Keep up the good work. If you have any questions please send one of us an e-mail.  Thank you.


Catalyst –            16.88

Resolute –           0

White Birch –     0

All Others –         0




Catalyst –            3.38

Kruger –               9.53

Resolute –           9.81

White Birch –     0.82

All Others –         8.54

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