NNA requests your help in supporting Postal Service Fairness Act in Congress

A letter from NNA requesting help with HR 2382 in Congress

I am asking you to spend a minute before Monday to shoot a note off to your House members asking for support of HR 2382.

An issue brief is linked here and below. You can see whether your representative is already listed as a co-sponsor here, which will also show you each sponsor by state.

If your Rep is there, please send an email thanking him or her for support — and as a reminder that we need that vote. If not, ask for the vote anyway.  The bill is scheduled for Wednesday, February 5.

I want to be clear on what we hope to accomplish here, because you may be asked.

The Postal Service is in deep trouble. It has been headed to a cliff since the Great Recession, while Members of Congress have been unable to agree on a solution.  We’ve already seen some of the impacts of slower service and spotty delivery. Now we are facing possible postage increases of nearly 50% over the next five years.

A major postal reform effort is needed.  HR 2382 is NOT that comprehensive bill, but it is a piece of it. It will put USPS back on track to pay for its retiree benefits as needed, rather than parking billions of dollars in the U.S. Treasury. There is already a fund of over $50 billion, all of which came from you, the buyers of postage.

NNA believes that this bill is a step forward. If we can get it passed, we will move on to deeper fixes.

I am explaining this now because you may get some pushback.  Not everyone believes that repealing the prefunding of health benefit costs is right. Some will tell you it is a “bailout,” even though the USPS is a federal agency and the obligation to fund these benefits belongs to Uncle Sam, not USPS alone. We believe that higher rates will drive away mail and that will certainly necessitate a bailout. Building up that $50 billion fund is simply going to cost us more money.

I appreciate all you do for our industry. If you can find a minute to help, it would be great. You can find contacts for your Representative at www.house.gov.


Matthew Adelman
NNA President
Publisher, Douglas (Wyoming) Budget

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