No excuse. No extension. Contest categories are listed here so start setting aside what you want to enter when the bewitching hour approaches


Countdown begins now: 105 days until the contest entry deadline

Every year, it’s the same story. The deadline for entering either or both of the KPA contests approaches and the emails come through. “We haven’t had time t0 get our entries together. Can we have an extension?” Sometimes there are legitimate “reasons” for a delay but more often than not it’s the charter membership in the Kentucky Procrastinators Association shining through.

The newspaper put it off and put it off until it was deadline time. Now the staff is in a bind.

Granted, we give newspapers only two and a half months to start getting entries together. The contest materials are made available, online, the first week of August and the deadline is mid-October.

Same schedule this year. Kinda.

The deadline will be Friday, October 15, and the online entry format will be sent in early, early August.

But since the Ad and News committees have already met and reviewed the contest categories, we’re gonna jump the gun and release the categories now. We’re doing that because we’ve made a lot of changes in the Advertising Contest. So much so, a couple of categories have been deleted, a couple have been combined with another and instead of having 25 categories for 2021, there will only be 21.

The News contest is different. We made a lot of changes in 2020 and the committee felt other changes weren’t needed this year. “Let’s give those changes another year to work and we’ll see where we are next year.”

So the categories for both contests are as pdfs below. This is all you need to get started. Review the categories in each and start sorting through all issues since October 1, 2020. Mark those you want to enter and you’ll have a head start when you get the notification that the online entry system is operational, ready for you to register your newspaper and submit your entries. Don’t go there yet because we haven’t gotten that far. But it’s the categories that you need right now so have at it.

We normally give you “only” 75 days to enter the contest. This year, that’s been extended. If my math is correct, and starting with Friday, July 2 (that’s today), you have 105 days until the deadline. No reason whatsoever to need an extension for the 2021 KPA News and Ad contests.

Changes in the KPA Ad Contest

Changes in the Ad Contest include deleting Best Furniture Ad, Best Political Ad (since there are no elections in 2021), combining Best Digital/Online Ad and Best Digital/Online Ad Series into one and combining Best Special Sections and Best Preprints/Special Publications into one. The committee noted, however, that Best Furniture Ad and Best Political Ad (there was one month of political ads prior to last November’s general election) can be entered in the Best Holiday Greeting/General/Miscellaneous category.

PDF OF 2021 KPA ADVERTISING CATEGORIES – Click on link below



PDF OF 2021 KPA NEWS CATEGORIES – Click on link below



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