No longer a ‘The’ or – in Courier Journal

If you’ve picked up a Louisville Courier-Journal recently, you might notice a couple of changes. Well, first, saying Courier-Journal is incorrect, because there’s no longer a – between Courier and Journal. And it’s no longer ‘The” Courier-Journal, just Courier Journal.

This was noticed a couple of weeks ago and I reached out to executive editor Joel Christopher just to verify it was a change and not just something that happened in a couple of issues.

Joel’s response is below but first, this is being written about in the December 1, 2017, On Second Thought. Not knowing when I would use it, Joel sent me a masthead to show how it looked many, many years. He just happened to pick a Tuesday, December 1 issue in the 1860s. It’s a little blurry on the year but it’s either from 1863 or 1869, the only two years in the 1860s when December 1 was on a Tuesday.

From Joel Christopher: “We changed the masthead beginning with the Oct. 30 edition as part of a print redesign and brand refresh. Like most news organizations, we’ve changed considerably the way we reach our audience, and more and more it’s through our digital platforms. We want consistency in our branding, and Courier Journal is sleeker and lends itself better to the digital world (you don’t see a lot of articles and hyphens in URLs, for instance, and most people intuitively drop both in the digital world). It’s certainly not the first time Courier Journal has altered its masthead. In its first years it was THE LOUISVILLE COURIER-JOURNAL. (period is CQ). So, really, we were anticipating good SEO in the 1860s.”

From this, on December 1, 1863 or 1869,

to this some 150 years later

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