Nolan Group Media video tells why the public should be alarmed if House Bill 195 becomes law

2019 KPA President Jay Nolan, and president of Nolan Group Media, launched a video this morning letting readers of his company newspapers (and online subscribers as well) know why the public should be concerned if House Bill 195 makes it through the House of Representatives.—keep-public-notices/article_09584294-4442-11ea-941b-977f88ba6a6c.html


What can you do? Contact¬† your State Representative this week, talk to them about House Bill 195 and the problem with allow government agencies to post their notices on a government controlled website. That’s our number one issue with but taking them out of newspapers is right at the top as well.

Ask your State Rep to contact Rep. Michael Meredith, chair of the House Local Government, and let him knew their opposition to House Bill 195. The bill could be heard by the committe at noon on Wednesday, February 5, so haste is needed to making the contacts.

I shared this with you two weeks ago but I will share it again. An LRC analyst contacted me and wanted to know if we are aware of House Bill 195 and if so, does KPA have a position. In response to him, I wrote and then emailed him with this position paper from KPA. Feel free to use it in explaining how HB 195 hurts transparency and could result in the closure of several weekly newspapers around the state.


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