Not only Leslie County, similar non-compliance with the Public Notice Ad law found in Carter and Rockcastle counties

More counties not in compliance with state Public Notice law on bidding procedures

CARTER COUNTY — The fiscal court did not follow proper procedures for advertising bids per state law: The fiscal court did not follow proper procedures for advertising bids as required by state law. Two equipment purchases costing more than $30,000 each and food services that were $30,000 or more for the same type service to the same company were not advertised in the newspaper as required per KRS 424.260. The fiscal court did not have controls in place to ensure that staff knew the requirements or did not monitor/review to make sure requirements were followed. The fiscal court is not in compliance with KRS 424.260. Competitive bidding ensures the fiscal court procures materials and services at the best price available. KRS 424.260 states, “[e]xcept where a statute specifically fixes a larger sum as the minimum for a requirement of advertisement for bids, no city, county, or district, or board or commission of a city or county, or sheriff or county clerk, may make a contract, lease, or other agreement for materials, supplies except perishable meat, fish, and vegetables, equipment, or for contractual services other than professional, involving an expenditure of more than thirty thousand dollars ($30,000) without first making newspaper advertisement for bids.” We recommend the fiscal court comply with KRS 424.260 by advertising bids in the newspaper when expenditures for like type goods or services exceeds $30,000 in a fiscal year. County Judge/Executive’s Response: The official did not provide a response.

ROCKCASTLE COUNTY — The Rockcastle County Sheriff’s Office did not obtain bids when required: This is a repeat finding and was included in the prior year audit report as Finding 2019-001. The sheriff did not advertise for bid on the purchase over $30,000. The sheriff’s office purchased a total of $35,148 in gasoline, of which $30,521 was purchased from one vendor. According to the sheriff, he was unaware that the gasoline purchases would have to be advertised for bid. By limiting competition or not receiving bids at all, the sheriff may not get the benefits of the best price available. Competitive bidding ensures the sheriff procures equipment and services at the best price available. The sheriff is in noncompliance with KRS 424.260(1).

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