Now for a little fun — more lexophiles

Earlier this year, I posted some of the entries in the New York Times’ Lexophile contest. Lexophile describes one who has a love for words and the Times has an annual competition for the best original lexophile

There’s a link below to that original On Second Thought. But since then, I’ve had a couple of readers submit their own “lexophile.”

Here’s one from a Bill Schoenborn: My optometrist lives in Alaska. He’s an optical Aleutian.

And here’s one from Richard Blatnick, a Ph.D:  The earth is bipolar.

Maybe they’ll enter their lexophile in the next New York Times contest.

New York Times’ contest selects best ‘lexophile’

2 responses to “Now for a little fun — more lexophiles”

  1. Diane Emory says:

    I can’t find any mention of this on the New York Times. Is there any way to verify that the NYT actually runs this contest?

    • I did find the first mention of it back in February 2018 and what I published more recently comes from a very reputable national media magazine. I think you have to be watching the New York Times to find information about the contest because as I recall there is a very small window to submit entries.

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