October 4, 2013

• Entering the contests? Lots will apparently

• National Newspaper Week coming to a close; Herald-Leader offering you lunch, live music and tours today

• Publishers/ad managers — Get us your 2014 Newspaper Information

• KPA about to launch sophisticated news release service

• Russian exchange journalists looking for hosts in U.S.

• E&P looking for ‘Ten Newspapers That Do It Right’

On Second Thought gets its first ‘sponsor’

Looking to get your newspaper appraised or just want to talk to someone about its value? I draw your attention to the first sponsor of On Second Thought, and you’ll see the rotating ad at the right for W.B. Grimes & Company.

If you’re looking to advertise your services, business or products, then we have a deal for you on the KPA website or On Second Thought where you can reach more than 800 email addresses a week. Just let me know and I’ll give you the details.

A few years ago, radio stations began billing their studios as the “XYZ Company studios in downtown Podunk.” They said they had some advertisers interested in spending some dollars but there’s only 24 hours in a day so since they couldn’t make more 15 and 30 second spots available, they’d just use the company’s name during any station ID time and advertise it as that company’s studio.

Guess if newspapers run out of space, we can always advertise, “This front page is brought to you by the folks at ABC123 Car Repair in downtown Sleepy Hollow.”

Entering the KPA Contests? Entry deadline is but a week away

This time next week, the clock will be ticking down to the deadline for entering the two KPA contests going on — Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers (for the news side), Advertising Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers (obviously for the ad side of the house).

And you have to register first so get that done NOW!! And then you’ll be ready to spend most of next week going through the pdfs of the last several months to pick what you’re entering.

72 have registered for the News Contest; 39 for the Ad Contest

The numbers are growing with 72 newspapers registered for the News Contest and 39 for the Ad Contest. So join your fellow newspapers across the state by getting involved. It’s a great way to reward your staffs for the work they’ve done the last year. You know, we hear complaints from our readers about our publications, they don’t hesitate to call if something’s wrong or when they don’t like a story.

But seldom will they call to say, “Nice job.” This is your chance at the management level to give them a pat on the back. When I speak to groups about working with the media I always tell them to make sure they call the newspapers when something is well done. So frequently we don’t hear the positive stuff, only the complaints.

I used to hate for the phone to ring at the Georgetown News & Times on a Thursday because I knew it wasn’t anyone calling to say, “Job well done.” So encourage the staff to enter and let those good stories, photos and advertising be shared with newspapers across the state.

Today, live music, tour the Herald-Leader and enjoy Food Truck Friday

It’s all a part of National Newspaper Week. The attached pdf gives you the details but basically the Herald-Leader is inviting readers to the parking lot at Main and Midland where they can enjoy live music, great food from a variety of Lexington’s “Food Trucks” and then tour the printing plant.


Tell us what you did to make National Newspaper Week special

I want to share stories through this weekly update but also with my colleagues at all state press associations on anything special, different, unique that Kentucky newspapers did during National Newspaper Week. So if you have something I can share, send it to me. We don’t do enough tooting our own horn yet to preach to all others who will listen that getting your message to the public is best done through newspapers.

And if I hear of newspapers in other states coming up with a new idea, or a twist to an old one, I’ll get those shared with you so you can start planning for next year!

Kentucky Book Fair Children’s Day to co-feature Leigh Anne Florence


Leigh Anne Florence and Woody

The third annual Kentucky Book Fair Children’s Day is scheduled for Friday, November 15, 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. It will be at the Frankfort Convention Center in downtown Frankfort.

Children will have an opportunity to meet and greet more than 40 children’s and young adult book authors including Kentucky’s own Leigh Anne Florence, author of the Woody series Fall Chapter series.

Here is a program sampling:
9:15 a.m.  Tom Freese and Fran Riddell
10:30 a.m.  Leigh Anne Florence
11:45 a.m. George Ella Lyon
12:30 p.m. Mark Wayne Adams

If you have questions contact Judith Gibbons, Kentucky Book Fair Grants Chair, jagibbons@windstream.net

For further information, check out:  www.kybookfair.blogspot.com

Publishers/ad managers, we need your 2014 Newspaper Info for the Directory and Ad Sales

This email went out earlier this week and just to remind publishers and ad managers:

Fall’s is here, a new year isn’t too far away and we’re starting to collect all the information we can from newspapers so we can produce the 2014 KPA Directory.

But it’s not only for the directory, it’s equally important for us to have the information for our advertising sales efforts. And we’re already getting requests from agencies and advertisers for 2014 rates and information.
So we need you to go to  http://www.kypress.com/directoryinfo  and fill out the appropriate form for your newspaper. I’m sending this to publishers and copying ad managers so you all can discuss who fills out the form.
•  For those with a Periodicals Class Mailing Permit, click on “Weekly and Daily Newspapers Click Here.” Please mail us a copy of your Form 3526 Statement of Ownership as well as Form 3526X if you are showing Electronic Subscriptions.
• For our Associate Member Newspapers, those without a Periodicals Class Mailing Permit, click on  “Associate Papers Click Here.”
Then fill out the form and at the end you’ll find SUBMIT INFORMATION TO KPA and that will send the completed form back to us.
Please note — We are ADDING a new line for 2014. Those of you who sell “subscriptions” to your website/e-edition may have also filed a Form 3526X for Electronic Subscriptions. Since that’s countable by the U.S. Postal Service, we’re going to add a line on the directory information showing the Electronic Subscription number.
For the phone number(s) for your newspaper, please show the Main Phone number where indicated. We have had several newspapers put an employee’s direct line number there or a line to the Ad Department only. We’d like you to show the Main Phone, Editorial Phone and Advertising Phone numbers where indicated if there are different numbers available. Otherwise, just the Main Phone number for the newspaper.
We know some of you are in budgeting, or getting ready for that and have no idea what your 2014 rates will be. That’s fine, we can get that from you as soon as it’s available but we’d like for you to complete the rest of the form so we can start compiling everything agencies and advertisers need to know about Kentucky newspapers and have this one source to go to.
Questions? Give me a call at 800-264-5721. And again, please mail us a copy of your Form 3526 Statement of Ownership as well as Form 3526X if you are showing Electronic Subscriptions.

KPA Directory — A great way to get your newspaper in front of advertisers and ad agencies

Some of you already do and have long done it. Others should give it a try. The KPA Directory is published for the benefit of advertisers and ad agencies. Even for PR agencies and those large companies with a PR office.
It gives them basically everything they need to know about newspapers — where they are, what the contact information is, who’s on the management level, publication days, website, page size, and of course circulation.
But give them an introduction to your newspaper with an ad in the Directory. And that ad, reasonably priced, stays on their desk the whole year.
Prices range from $100 for a business card size ad (eighth of a directory page) to $175 for a quarter, $250 for a half and $350 for a full. That’s black and white. Want color in your ad? We can handle that for an additional cost and we can also put your ad on the KPA website for another $75.
If you’re interested, contact Bonnie Howard at 502-223-8821. But hurry, there’s a November 8 deadline looming to reserve space.
Here are two brochures about KPA Directory advertising — one for newspapers to promote themselves; the other for vendors to reach out to newspapers and agencies

Need credit card servicing? Remember KPA’s connection with Infintech

Chances are really good that you’ve gotten or will be getting a call from Infintech as the new credit card processor for KPA. Mike Scogin, publisher at the Georgetown News-Graphic, referred Infintech to us and after a few meetings and review of what they offered and how they operated, we were ready to switch. And that move has allowed us to get into online credit card payments more quickly than expected.

Through the partnership, Kentucky Press Association members will have the opportunity to participate in a nationwide group discount program to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express card transactions.

So Aaron Luebbers or someone from Infintech might be contacting you, or already has. We hope you’ll take the call and listen to what Infintech can do you for (such as save you some dollars on your credit card processing). It’s not a company using KPA’s name as many will do to get their foot in the door; it’s a company we’re working closely with.

But you don’t have to wait for Infintech to contact you. If you’re wanting a credit card servicing company, visit www.infintechllc.com or call Aaron Lubbers, (859) 816-7951 for more information.

Ranked as one of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies, Infintech was founded on the principles of offering the very best in the latest payment equipment and cutting-edge technologies available. Payment processing solutions include retail, commercial card, mobile and online processing. They support integration with nearly all POS systems, smartphone payments and e-commerce and shopping cart integration. Visit www.infintechllc.com for more information.

The partnership moved KPA to being able to accept credit card payments online for conventions, seminars, contests, dues and all kinds of advertising networks and opportunities we have. If you’re entering one of the KPA contests, then you’ll experience that move.

Eligible for a KPA intern? Submit your application

I’m shocked. As of right now, more newspapers have applied for a 2014 KPA intern than we have students who have applied. I know that will change, since deadlines are three months away, but the applications from potential Host Newspapers are coming in fast.

Already 11 newspapers have submitted their application, and one KPA Associate member for the PR internship. Meanwhile, only eight students have applied — three for newspapers and five on the public relations side.

If you’re an eligible newspaper — participating in the Statewide Classified Program — then find the communication from me and get your application filled out. The deadline is the first week of January.

And if you’re an Associate Division member with a Kentucky office, you’re eligible to have a public relations intern.

But you can’t participate in the program if you don’t apply.

Your bucket list is growing!

It should read something like:

• get registered for the KPA News Contest

• get registered for the KPA Ad Contest

• get entries into KPA by Friday, October 18

• apply for a KPA intern

Sophisticated news release service about to launch by KPA

The Kentucky Press Association (KPA) has partnered with GistCloud, LLC, to provide a localized and highly targeted press release distribution service superior to today’s alternatives – ensuring that every release is delivered to all interested parties; from small weeklies to large daily newspapers and right into the hands of  the local paper’s editor.

GistCloud was conceived with the realization that communications professionals need a platform that can bring together the various tools of content creation. GistCloud offers an Intermedia Press Release (IPR) that incorporates video, audio, documents, photos, and web pages, along with multilingual content that is grammatically correct and technically accurate—forming a multimedia, multilingual, and multifaceted press release, equipped with instant broadcasting capability.

GistCloud’s platform makes it easy to prepare and deliver publication-ready formats, from text to photos; to universally encoded video and audio for your websites; to links and attachments; to device agnostic, mobile-friendly viewing; to on-release integration of social media feeds, to an automatically generated QR code, and shortened URL for social media postings.

“This digital news release service offers a very sophisticated product that’s easy to use for our customers as well as the news media throughout the state.”

For the first time ever, customers are equipped with affordable content authoring tools—essential to the creation of multimedia, and multifaceted communication packages. Every press release includes online distribution, robust social sharing tools, and real-time analytics – delivered in a professional and attractive manner, which makes it easy and attractive for publications to utilize.

GistCloud Kentucky gives the customer more control, input and options for their releases. They offer text releases, press releases (includes photos), video releases and broadcast releases. By partnering with GistCloud, KPA is able to offer more exposure to our clients outside of the state newspapers like broadcasters across the state. Each release will now be included in Google News, MSN News, Yahoo! News, is mobile ready, offers multilingual options, and is affordable.

“This digital news release service offers a very sophisticated product that’s easy to use for our customers as well as the news media throughout the state,” is how my quote will read in the news release announcing this new service.

He noted the next enhancement to the Intermedia program will allow reporters to sign up to receive email notifications based on the subject matter contained in the release. Until then, reporters can contact David T. Thompson (dthompson@kypress.com) to sign up for a particular category of releases.

The site will be ready in the next few days. It will offer everything from plain text to graphics to video and broadcast releases as well as every state. A client could check since one state for the releases to be sent or click every state. All with just a few keystrokes.

Look for a GistCloud Kentucky press release coming soon that will provide links, documents, etc., to help explain the system further and its extensive offerings.

Nominate your newspaper for E&P’s ‘Ten Newspapers That Do It Right”

The March issue of Editor & Publisher will profile what has been labeled as “10 Newspapers That Do it Right.”  Never meant to be a “10 Best” list, instead it spotlights select newspapers that have earned a notable achievement in at least one particular area, carried out a successful innovation, implemented cost-savings procedures, or developed programs that have generated revenues or increased circulation.  Nominate your paper!  Deadline is Jan. 17. Submit your entry with  Editor & Publisher.

National cost, revenue study being revamped

Now more than ever news leaders need to understand the financial planning process and how to do it as efficiently and effectively as possible. Being able to compare financial data with other newspapers of similar size helps news leaders “manage their operation and optimize their performance,” says Tom Slaughter, executive director of Inland Press Association.

To assist newspapers with the planning process, Inland Press Association, in partnership with Mather Economics and the Reynolds Journalism Institute, is overhauling its comprehensive National Cost and Revenue Study to make it more modern and user-friendly.

The study, which has been in existence since the 1920s, provides data gathered from newspapers annually. The data includes revenues (advertising, circulation) and expenditures (cost of paper, labor). Inland aggregates and segregates the information based on circulation and revenue classes.

“This enables the newspapers of a similar size to get a sense of whether or not their revenue or expenses in a particular area is about what it is for a group their size or better or worse,” said Slaughter.

However, according to Slaughter, the study is in need of improvements to make the data more useful to newspapers.

Click here to learn more about the challenges faced and RJI’s role in the project.

If there would be enough interest, a Kentucky survey could be done

Years ago, KPA did an annual salary survey. It was a project of Dr. Jim Highland at Western Kentucky University. He didn’t charge us to do the survey but reserved the right to use the information however he wanted. It started off pretty well in the late 1980s but as the years went along, fewer and fewer newspapers participated.

We stopped it in probably the late 1990s because so few newspapers would offer any information that the survey wasn’t valid.

And then in the last month, I’ve had two newspapers call about salary and benefits information. I’ve had to tell them we don’t have that information. But if it’s something that would benefit you, and you would participate, we could consider starting it up again.

RJI digital curator shares his vision in preserving news archives

Edward McCain, digital curator of journalism at the Reynolds Journalism Institute and University of Missouri Libraries, spoke with the Library of Congress about his role in supporting and enhancing digital news archives. McCain is currently working on a project to develop software for preserving work from newspaper, radio and TV.

He said preservation of content is vital for news organizations because content represents “cultural heritage” and “identity” of the community they cover.

Read his full interview and learn more about his digital news archive initiative here.

Hosts needed for Russian exchange journalists

Would you like to host a young Russian journalist for three weeks from Oct. 31 to Nov. 20?

The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), a Washington, D.C.,-based nonprofit organization known for training journalists in the world, is preparing for the second round of an exchange program for 12 Russian journalists. Contact Bob Tinsley, program director, at btinsley@icfj.org or at 202-349-7607 for more details if your media organizations are interested in hosting a visiting Russian.

The goal of this program is to give journalists from Russia and the United States the chance to work in each other’s newsrooms and ultimately learn to influence their media organizations with direction and quality of coverage between the two countries.

Read more about the exchange program here.

Bob Schieffer to keynote NNA’s ‘We Believe in Newspapers’ summit

One of the most recognized faces in American journalism will keynote NNA’s “We Believe in Newspapers” Leadership Summit set inWashington March 13-14. Bob Schieffer, Chief Washington Correspondent for CBS News and a former newspaper reporter in Texas,
bob-schieffer-150x150will speak to the group at the National Press Club that Thursday evening.

“We are pleased Bob will be with us,” said NNA President Robert M.Williams, Jr. “Bob’s reputation as a journalist with high standards, no doubt, goes back to his roots in newspapers, where, as a new reporter he was “accidentally” drawn into covering the Kennedy Assassination in Dallas. That’s just one of countless fascinating stories about Bob that come from his decades on the front line of journalism.”

2013 marks Schieffer’s 56th year as a reporter and his 44th year at CBS News. He is one of the few broadcast or print journalists to have covered all fourmajor beats in the nation’s capital – the White House, the Pentagon, the State Department and Capitol Hill.

Schieffer has served as the moderator of FACE THE NATION, CBS News’ Sunday public affairs broadcast, since 1991. He anchored the CBS EVENING NEWS from March 2005 to August 2006. He is also CBS News’ chief Washington correspondent, a post he has held since 1982. Schieffer has received virtually every award in broadcast journalism, but feels the greatest honor was bestowed upon him in 2005 when his alma mater, Texas Christian University, created the Schieffer School of Journalism. Last year he moderated his third presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney.


That’ll do it for another week. Hope you’ve enjoyed these and previous tidbits of information and as always call, email, fax or stop by if you have questions, comments, concerns, issues, additions, deletions, clarifications, corrections and just to chat. We’re here!

Til next week….


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