October 5, 2012

In this week’s Weekly Member Update:

• Journalism Hall of Fame Nominations due January 7, 2013

• KPS begins digital placement service — DigiDeals — and makes its first sale

* Board elections for 2013-16 underway for Districts 9, 10 and 12

• Teresa will be photographing Vice Presidential Debate on October 11 if you’d like some pictures

• Senate Republican Committee changes survey options on best advertising tactic and includes “Newspaper Advertising” as an option



October 7 – 13

(Are you promoting your newspaper and your industry? Go to www.kypress.com/nnwkit for materials)



The University of Kentucky’s Journalism Alumni Association is accepting nominations for 2013 inductees into the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame.

To be eligible, nominees must either be Kentucky natives or must have spent a significant portion of their careers working in newspaper or broadcast journalism in Kentucky.

Since its inception in 1981, some 184 persons have been inducted into the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame. Plaques honoring the members are on exhibit in the Enoch Grehan Journalism Building on the UK campus.

A nomination form is available on the UK School of Journalism and Telecommunications Web site at http://jat.uky.edu/ky-journalism-hall-of-fame.html.  To make a nomination, complete the form and send the requested information to Director, School of Journalism and Telecommunications, University of Kentucky, 118 Grehan Building, Lexington, KY 40506-0042.

Deadline for receipt of nominations is Jan. 7, 2013.  Selection will take place later in January, and inductees will be notified shortly thereafter. An induction ceremony honoring the new members will be held in Spring 2013, in conjunction with the annual Joe Creason Lecture.

LET’S MAKE A (Digi)DEAL      

This works along with the Board’s initiative to get more into digital offerings by KPA/KPS but isn’t anything like the “deals” offered by Pete’s Deals with Smiley Pete Publishing or Lexington Dealsaver offered by the Herald-Leader. This is more toward offering advertising and public relations digital opportunities to clients. It could be by email blast or advertising on cell phones and not something like buying two dinners for the price of one.

To help build Statewide Classified income, one of the bases for funding the KPA internship program, we’ve incorporated a “must” buy into the program. So any advertiser or firm wanting a DigiDeal will have a Statewide Classified built in.

Opportunities for DigiDeals include display targeted advertising on non-newspaper websites, mobile/tablet advertising, custom search campaigns, custom social campaigns, custom e-mail blasts and of course, a statewide classified ad with every sale. With all of these opportunities, we have premium local reach, a trusted audience and the advertiser’s needs in mind. For every category, we can do channel targeting for news, moms, finance, sports, politics and more. Behavioral targeting and geo-targeting are also easily accomplished.

This idea originated with the Colorado Press Association and its Sync2 Media setup. They’ve made the basics available to other states and we’re one of the first to join on. In creating a name, there were some suggested ones others are using but since it’s mostly about digital processes and with John Mura’s emphasis as president of KPA on digital, we’ve named it DigiDeals.


I know it has nothing to do with newspapers but a few weeks ago I got on my soap box about the number of traffic fatalities in 2012 and how many of those could be reduced if the state legislature would have the gall to make motorcyclists wear helmets.

The General Assembly “makes” motorists were seat belts or face a fine. But when it comes to motorcycles, the cyclists got their wishes. No law to require them to wear helmets. So of the 543 traffic deaths through Monday’s report. 74 were riding either a motorcycle or ATV. And of those 74, well more than half were not wearing a helmet (33 motorcyclists that were killed, 10 of the 11 killed riding an ATV were not wearing a helmet).


TheLevisaLazer.com management has taken another step into the modern world of communications with a new mobile app, that is available on smart phones by typing in TheLevisaLazer.com.

According to Google Analytic stats, about 25% of The Lazer’s 150,000 viewers last month used a mobile device to log on to The Lazer on a regular basis. The new app includes most of the features of the regular Lazer and readers can still use that version if they prefer.

The app has been in the development stage for three months and allows viewers to read the stories and see the photos and videos without expanding the screen on the phone.

If you have questions about the app, contact Dr. Mark Grayson at 606-638-0123.


Remember to share the KPA app for the Open Meetings/Records laws. Just go to www.kypress.com/foi and then save as “Add to Home Screen.” The app will appear and your reporters will have ready access to the laws.


Teresa had previously volunteered to work at the Vice Presidential Debate in Danville October 11, probably helping to document the evening with photographs. So she’s kind enough to suggest newspapers might want to take advantage of that. We had six newspapers request photos and Teresa’s going to post the night’s events in pictures on the KPA Facebook page.


The Kentucky State Police is initiating a new proactive program where citizens are now able to text confidential tips from their cell phone. The program, “Text a Tip,” is designed to report criminal activity, assist with neighborhood watch and serve as an additional resource for schools and college campuses.

“Text a Tip” is completely confidential and easy to use, according to a state police news release. Anyone with texting capabilities from personal electronic devices can simply text 67283 in the address field, then type KSPTIP in the message field, leave a space and then enter information about a crime. If your tip went through successfully, you will receive an instant confirmation text on your phone. 

Web-based and phone tip lines have been around a while, but have the disadvantage of a perpetrator overhearing the person on the phone or they required Internet access.

KSP spokesperson Sgt. Rick Saint-Blancard said “Text a Tip” is gaining ground because text messaging does not require verbal communication or Internet access. 

“Everywhere you go, someone has a cell phone with them,” Saint-Blancard said in a KSP news release. “Whether a person is at home or a large venue, like a sporting event or concert, they can text a tip to us without bringing attention to themselves.”

Saint-Blancard says people who live in high-crime neighborhoods are often afraid that if they are seen talking to police, they could be subject to retaliation from drug dealers or other criminals.

“So when they have this option of texting us — knowing no one will know who they are — they are more willing to provide specific details and names about the activity,” he said. “Text a Tip” messages are sent to a separate, third party server, where identifying information is stripped out and they are assigned an encrypted alias before being sent to police. 

Text-a-tip programs are being promoted in schools across the country to report weapon threats and reduce bullying. 

“No technology is more powerful then the eyes and ears of the public,” Saint-Blancard said. “The key is enlisting people on their own terms by providing a discrete, immediate and confidential reporting source.”

KSP reminds citizens to keep safety in mind when texting tips. 

“If a tipster is driving when they witness suspicious activity, we ask them to safely pull to the side of the road and place their vehicle in park before attempting to text in a tip,” Saint-Blancard said. 

The “Text a Tip” program is operational 24/7and is received and monitored by the KSP Communications Center. KSP openly solicits information from citizens on any type of crime occurring but encourages citizens to call 911 if the crime is in-progress or there is an emergency. 

Detailed instructions of the program can be found on the KSP website at http://www.kentuckystatepolice.org/pdf/text_a_tip_sheet.pdf


KSP might say the texts will be confidential but I had Jon Fleischaker look at the release and then give it his “Open Records” assessment.

His response? Those will be treated the same as emails. So essentially, these won’t be confidential.


I wrote three or four weeks ago about the new project the Lexington Herald-Leader/Kentucky.com has with the State Police. And that’s posting pictures of “Kentucky’s Most Wanted.” The Herald-Leader/Kentucky.com had been publishing Lexington’s most wanted photos for quite some time and just recently started the statewide project in conjunction with the State Police.

After a couple of members asked about publishing Kentucky’s Most Wanted, I asked LHL editor Peter Baniak if newspapers could link to the website. And he’d welcome that.

So if you’re interested, go to Kentucky.com, search out Kentucky’s Most Wanted and then you can link to the Herald-Leader/Kentucky.com website.


Tuesday, I sent an email to publishers and ad managers about Senator Mitch McConnell’s statewide survey. Not sure whom the email blast went to but I was able to get a copy. And when I saw it was about effective advertising tactics, I was ready to ask his office to get me a copy of the results. I wanted to see where respondents ranked the different media and especially where newspapers were ranked in the results.

The question was simple: Which do you feel is the most effective advertising tactic? And the media options were listed.

Only one problem. The list of seven included radio and TV and direct mail and billboards and online advocacy public events and door-to-door.

Wasn’t any need for me to ask for the results since there was one very obvious omission. (Hint – it’s the media we’re in.)

But by midday Wednesday, McConnell’s office had gotten the message, said it was inadvertent and had the National Republican Senatorial Committee change the options to include Newspapers. Many of you apparently contacted McConnell’s office and during talks with Chip Hutcheson and Jeff Vanderbeck, the survey was in the process of being corrected.


Despite an ever-changing media landscape, the fact is Kentucky high school students still like to study and practice high school journalism. And they like to do it in print, online, yearbooks and broadcast. That’s why the Kentucky Press Association established the Kentucky High School Journalism Association 16 years ago. Many changes have taken place since KHSJA was founded but Kentucky’s newspapers continue supporting high school journalism in a big way. Annually for each of the past 16 years, KHSJA has averaged about 100 member schools across the state. And for the past decade, about 70 percent of the member schools have had their $50 KHSJA annual membership fee paid by local newspapers.

We began this year’s KHSJA’s annual membership drive when school started in August and as of today 74 percent of the renewing schools have been sponsored by their local papers. If you haven’t done so already, you have until Oct. 31 to sponsor your local school(s). Just click the link below, complete the form and mail or fax to KPA. As you will see on the form, we make it easy. You can send us a check, or we can bill you or perhaps easiest of all, we can just deduct the amount from your next KPS ad revenue check. No check to write, no invoice to process.

You can find the form at www.kypress.com/pdfs/12-13khsjaSponsor.pdf

These papers have sponsored local high schools so far this school year: The Meade County Messenger, 1 school; The Record in Leitchfield, 1 school; The Harrodsburg Herald, 1 school; The Daily News in Bowling Green, 5 schools; The Times-Tribune, 1 school, The Ledger Independent, 1 school; The Kentucky Standard, 4 schools; The News-Enterprise, 6 schools; The Jessamine Journal, 1 school; The Interior Journal, 1 school, The Winchester Sun, 1 school; and The Advocate-Messenger, 3 schools.

We hope to add your newspaper or website to the list.

Schools must be KHSJA members to compete in our annual high school journalism contest and, trust me; it’s a very popular contest!


We would normally have four KPA/KPS Board districts up for election with the terms beginning January, 2013. But since Teresa Scenters came on Board when Scott Schurz was elected vice president, and since that seat is about to expire, we told the district members that the person nominated and then elected would fill the next three-year term. That begins in January, 2013, and continues through January, 2016.

The three districts up for election are 9 (Ralph Davis), 10 (Cheryle Walton) and 12 (Jeff Moreland).

Nomination forms are being mailed mailed today and once that deadline is here, ballots will be mailed to all district members if more than one person is nominated. Current Board members are eligible to be nominated.


We’ve added another webinar to the growing list, this one set for November 9 on The Role of the Media in Suicide Education. More information will follow but if you’re interested go to onlinemediacampus.com and sign up. Here’s a synopsis of the webinar:

The media can play a powerful role in educating the public about suicide, including ways to prevent it and ways to help readers deal with it and other emotional issues.

In this webinar we will discuss:

• the relationship between bullying and suicide.

• Safe and responsible ways media can cover suicide.

• How to use stories to inform readers of causes, warning signs, trends and treatment advances.

• How to avoid reporting ways that may lead to suicide contagion.

• National media recommendations for safe reporting.

In today’s society, reporters must report on an alarming number of sensitive stories, particularly those involving young people. Each of the techniques and tools discussed in this program will be applicable for coverage of delicate topics.


Apply now for NPF’s sixth, all-expenses-paid educational program on cancer issues. On-the-record experts will help journalists sort out new research, new purported risks, treatment options and the soaring price of care. Topics also will include advances in specific cancers, the emerging role of gene mutations, behavioral and social issues. Journalist discussions and critiques, with plenty of time for Q&A, enrich the four-day program.

Fellowships include airfare, lodging and most meals.

Applications are encouraged from reporters who have experience or a strong interest in reporting on the social, economic and societal impact of cancer. For more information and to apply, go to: http://nationalpress.org/programs-and-resources/program/cancer-program-2012/

Applications must be received by 5:00 PM EST October 15,  2012.  Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.  Selected journalists will be notified 2 to 4 weeks after the application deadline.


In just a little over a week, my brothers and sisters from Southeast state and regional press associations will be converging on Covington for our 2012 Fall Conference. This is the third time KPA has hosted the group since we began these in the fall of 1984. That first one was in October, at Lake Guntersville State Park in Northern Alabama. And we were greeted with a rare Alabama snow.

My thanks to Ashley Pack, George Jacobs and Katie Frassinelli for supplying some gifts for my NAM friends. There’s still time to clean out the closets around the office and if you find any promo items from your newspaper that you need to get rid of, just let me know.

SO HAVE YOU….         

Registered your newspaper for the Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers – 2012 competition? The deadline to enter is Friday, October 19, but before you can submit your entries, you have to register. That will lead to David Spencer assigning you specific log in information and is the first step to entering the contest. Doesn’t take but a minute or so, so if you haven’t, get it going!


Another $42,000 was added to the totals since last Friday so our placement or in-house to be placed total as of this morning is $4,065,012.33


I’ll be here most all week, scheduled right now to be out only for a while on Thursday for the UK Media Day. It’s 12:30 to 3 at Memorial Coliseum and I’m going to get some photos to share with members

Other than that, if I’m out it won’t be for long. I have to finalize all the schedules for the SERNAM (Southeast Region Newspaper Association Managers) fall conference October 13-16 in Covington as well as get a lot of files and paperwork done for the Fall Board Retreat (October 18-19 at Rough River State Park).

One thing we do at the latter is accept bids on printing the KPA Directory. After checking the closets and talking with a couple of staff members, we’re going to suggest printing 600 directories for 2013. Before the Internet and putting a lot of directory-type information online, we’d easily use 750 directories and we’ve pretty much stayed with printing that many. But we have about 150 left in house so we’re going to cut back to 600 in 2013 and see how that goes.


That’ll do it for another week. As always, call with questions, comments, concerns, issues, problems, additions, deletions, clarifications or corrections. And especially call if you find any newspaper promo items around the office that you want to clear out!

Otherwise, thanx!!


2012 KPS PLACEMENT TOTALS IN-HOUSE – $4,064,012.33


Now through October  7, 2012 – National Newspaper Association Convention – Charleston, S.C.

October 7 – 13, 2012 – National Newspaper Week

Sunday-Monday-Tuesday, October 14-15-16, 2012 – 2012 Southeast Region Newspaper Association Managers Conference, Marriott RiverCenter, Covington

Thursday-Friday, October 18-19, 2012 – 2012 KPA Fall Board Retreat, Rough River State Park

October 19, 2012 – Deadline for Entering Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers – 2012 Competition

December 2 – 4, 2012 – Newspaper Association Managers Legislative Conference, Keybridge Marriott, Arlington, VA

January 24 – 25, 2013 -2013 KPA Winter Convention, The Brown Hotel, Louisville

August 6 – 9, 2013 – Newspaper Association Managers Annual Convention, Marriott Harbourfront Hotel, Halifax, Nova Scotia

January 23 – 24, 2014  – 2014 KPA Winter Convention, Hyatt Regency, Lexington

Sometime in 2017 – We’ve been asked to judge the Mississippi Press Association Better Newspaper Contest in 2017. Please hold the year open for further information on when, where and what media format Mississippi papers will be in that year.

Sometime in 2018      – Colorado judging KPA Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers Competition


Registration generally is $35 and available at www.onlinemediacampus.com   

Friday, October 12, 2012

WEBINAR — Mobile Sales Certificate Program: How to Find Success in This Key Digital Area – Second of Three Sessions

Friday, November 2, 2012

WEBINAR – Postal: Making the Transition to IMb

Thursday, November 8, 2012

WEBINAR — Mobile Sales Certificate Program; How to Find Success in This Key Digital Area – Third of Three Sessions

Friday, November 9, 2012

WEBINAR – Reporting on Tough Issues: The Role of the Media in Suicide Education

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