Offending language pulled from House Bill 351 by Senate A&R Committee

Language inserted into the House version of the state revenue bill — House Bill 351 — has been pulled from the legislation. That’s according to Senate Appropriations and Revenue Committee chair Sen. Chris McDaniel. He made those comments Thursday afternoon as he was explaining to the committee what changes had been made from the House version.

In the House, Rep. Steven Rudy said the version up for a vote by the full House included language that would let local governments publish their notices on their website instead of in newspapers. That was additional language to the original House Bill 351. As you know, it passed that afternoon and headed to the Senate.

HB 351 got two quick “readings” in the Senate just to help push it more quickly to a vote by the full Senate, even while it sat in the Senate A&R Committee with language being developed.

The word got out to committee members to pull the offending language in Sections 46, 47, 48 and 65 and we heard earlier in the week the publication requirements allowed in the House version were being pulled.

It was approved by the committee, approved by the full Senate and sent back to the House. A conference committee will be set up in the interim for House and Senate members to “negotiate” on the final version of HB 351 before it is finally approved and then sent to the governor.

You can follow the seven-minute Senate A&R Committee meeting from late Thursday below. Sen. Chris McDaniel is chairing. Scroll the time line over to about 1:35 and you’ll hear him say the sections are being pulled.

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