Ok, Procrastinators Association members, let’s get with it

In less than two weeks, we hope you’ll be joining us at the Marriott East in Louisville for the 2017 KPA Convention (notice, it’s not referred to as Winter for fear another blizzard might form as we arrive).

But let’s overlook the winter-time and focus on a few things:

• If you have not made room reservations yet with the Marriott East, sorry but we warned you for a few weeks to get that done. Take your chances if you want and see if it still has rooms available but understand the deadline has passed and it’s fine for them to charge more than the $106 per room KPA members will be paying.

• Get registered for the convention. NOW!! We have to give them meal guarantees next week and help us make sure we order enough food for everyone to partake. Now we understand it’s a new convention registration process that is on the website — kypress.com/convention — and it takes attention to detail to get through the full registration. We know it works because more than 50 have navigated it and registered. But we also know you don’t have a lot of time to spend getting registered. So for those who don’t like to “shop” online, I am attaching a pdf of a convention registration form. You can download the form, print it out, fill it out (you can register up to 3 people on the form) it out and then fax to KPA at 502-226-3867 or mail it to us at:

2017 KPA Convention, 101 Consumer Lane, Frankfort, KY 40601


• Register for the banquets if not the convention

We know many newspapers send their staff members to the Ad or News Contest Awards Banquet without having them attend any of the convention sessions.

If you have staff members fitting that description — coming to the Thursday night Ad Contest Banquet or the Friday night News Contest Banquet — then use one of these two pdfs — there’s one for the Ad Contest Banquet and one for the News Contest Banquet. You can use these instead of the convention registration form for those coming only to the banquets.



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