On Second Thought gets a facelift

After about 220 weeks of mostly straight text, a few pictures and some artwork, On Second Thought was stale.

What started in 1994 as “Friday Fax to the Board” graduated to “Friday Email to the Board” when technology arrived and then “On Second Thought” was born. As Board members served their time and went back to focusing on their paid job, many asked to stay on the list to receive the Friday Email to the Board so they could keep up with what’s going on in KPA.

And there were a couple of members who felt we didn’t communicate sufficiently. So the Friday email to board members developed into On Second Thought — the name of my column when I was publisher and editor at Georgetown — as the vehicle for that needed communication and was made available to every email address we could find with newspapers.

Change is good especially if for the better and with the help of folks at Our-Hometown they took On Second Thought and revamped it. They do the same for newspapers and e-editions of those and you’ll note an ad at the upper right with more information about Our-Hometown.

I appreciate the help of Matt Larson and Jacqueline Hartley for giving some life to On Second Thought and especially for being patient as an old dog learned new tricks. And yes, they made the mugshot somewhat smaller. But that’s ok because I hate having my picture taken and then seeing it displayed someplace.

I hope you like the new format. One of the better parts is I won’t have to wait until Friday to post the column. Since this version isn’t done by dates, it’s a continuous running of all articles posted, I can add a story or picture or bit of information every day if necessary. We’ll see how that works out.

And please, if you have an item for On Second Thought, send it along. Simply email it to me at dthompson@kypress.com.

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