On second thought, let’s extend the contest deadline until noon Eastern on Monday, Oct. 18


Great news for charter members of the Kentucky Procrastinators Association. Despite a (my own) vow not to extend the contests deadline, Thursday I swallowed my pride and made the change.

Originally, the system was to shut down at midnight tonight (Friday). But looking at the lack of entries in the KPA Ad Contest and knowing there were some newspapers that still hadn’t registered, Thursday came the decision to give KPA (either association) members a couple of extra days to get their entries submitted.

But at one second before noon Eastern on Monday, October 18, the doors to the vault slam shut and there will be no more registrations, no more entries accepted.

When the deadline was changed, there were only 243 entries in the ad contest. That could have been the smallest number of entries in the last 152 years, or whenever the contest began. Last year’s 833 entries amounted to the smallest number since 1986.

On the News side, the numbers were a little bit better and it was known that a lot more entries would be coming in on Friday.

The concern on the Advertising Contest was that only ONE daily newspaper had submitted; ONE multi-weekly had submitted entries; no Student Publications had entered on the ad side; and no Associate Member Newspapers. And the numbers for the three weekly divisions weren’t great but we could solve that by decreasing it to only two divisions. Only four papers have submitted ad entries in Weekly 2 and only 17 total entries at that. So we probably will combine Weekly 1 and 2 into one division.

And the multi-weekly dilemma could be taken care of by having the ONE newspaper in that division compete in Weekly 3.

Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out if at noon on Monday when the final numbers are in.

So here’s your challenge. Show me changing the deadline to Monday was worth it. Some of you have already sent “Thank You!” notes. As soon as you finish reading this week’s On Second Thought, focus on contest entries and get those submitted.

And I say, “Thank You!” as well.


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