Online Newspapers can become full members after vote by KPA membership

Online Publications/Newspapers that meet the basic criteria established through a Bylaws change can apply to become full members of the Kentucky Press Association. That’s a result of a vote of KPA members that concluded Thursday afternoon. Nearly 47 percent of the membership cast ballots on the Bylaws change. It passed 48 to 20.

Until the change was approved, Online Publications could be Associate Members but were not given voting privileges on KPA business. With the change, effective immediately, Online Publications/Newspapers can vote on business matters as well as all other privileges given full member newspapers.

These publications must meet the following requirements to be considered for full membership:

  • Must have been published for the previous 12-month period.
  • Must be updated no less than one time each week;
  • Must be principally devoted to the dissemination of original local or general news and other news content, with a minimum of 25 percent overall content; of news-editorial content at least 50 percent shall be produced by the local staff of the news site or purchased from recognized news sources such as Associated Press, Scripps Howard or similar news service, or agreements with other journalism-based organizations;
  • Must be available to the general public in a digital format;
  • Must follow accepted journalistic practices such as correcting errors of fact;
  • Must not serve primarily as a platform to promote the interest and/or opinions of a special interest group, individual or cause;
  • Must have a known Kentucky-based office of publication, open to the public, where business or publication is transacted, have a local telephone number and must include contact information in each updated publication;
  • Must abide by copyright laws

KPA Bylaws stipulate that each full member newspaper gets one vote on any business matter. The publisher identified for each member newspaper received a ballot along with a letter explanation the recommendation and a copy of the Bylaws amendment to be voted on.

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