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We have posted this week two op-ed pieces and a press release for your use as you see fit. The op-ed is by Eric T. Clark, Commissioner of the Department of Community Based Services within the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

The news release concerns the Kentucky Trucking Industry

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Kentucky Trucking Industry Pays $4.9 Billion in Annual Wages

FRANKFORT – The Kentucky trucking industry pays over $4.9 billion in wages to employees annually, according to new data released by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI). With 109,000 trucking jobs in Kentucky, that amounts to an average annual salary of $45,200 per each individual working in the industry.


Op-Ed: Child welfare transformation will improve the lives of Kentucky children and families

By Eric T. Clark

It is a staggering, record-high number in Kentucky: 10,000 kids in foster care.

Here is another number: 800. That’s how many adults gathered in early January for the inaugural Transformers of Child Welfare Summit. These were social workers, judges, educators, government officials, faith-based community leaders, parents, relatives and others. They are all committed to improve our child welfare system and the lives of Kentucky children.


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