Opt In lets newsrooms improve or start newsletters, and it’s free!

Got this note from Jennifer Nelson with Reynolds Journalism Institute and told her I’d pass it along to KPA members.

• Thought your audience would be interested in a newsletter optimization tool that Crosscut Public Media, in partnership with the Reynolds Journalism Institute, launched this month called Opt In. It’s free!! 

Here’s a little bit about Opt In from RJI’s announcement:

This free, easy-to-use tool was built for newsrooms and freelancers to begin addressing the challenges of newsletter curation. As it stands, newsrooms no longer have the time nor the resources to maintain unfocused newsletter programs that don’t achieve their goals. Opt In is an online tool that gives news organizations, freelancers and regular people the ability to build an e-newsletter strategy from scratch, or create a plan to improve upon an existing one. The tool addresses all elements of newsletter production and maintenance, including various design and revenue models, content, marketing, and metric dashboard options, as well as resources and staffing considerations. Upon completion, users are given a full newsletter creation strategy in the form of an Opt In playbook, which they are then able to use to generate a brand-new product or improve one they already have.

View the full announcement: https://www.rjionline.org/stories/newsletter-optimizer-opt-in-allows-newsrooms-to-improve-newsletters-or-crea

If you’d like more information or wish to speak with Sangeeta, who helped with the development of this resource, contact Jennifer Nelson, Senior Information Specialist, Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, nelsonjenn@rjionline.org or by phone at 573-884-5599.


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