Our Hometown hosting free virtual conference on donations, subscriptions during COVID-19

From Matt Larson, CEO, Our Hometown

Our Hometown has scheduled a virtual conference to discuss ‘Donations and Subscriptions’ During the COVID-19Pandemic.

The virtual conference will be at 1 p.m. Eastern/12 noon Central on Friday, May 22. There is NO charge for the one-hour conference and any newspaper can register, whether or not it uses Our Hometown.

In this virtual conference, Our Hometown will bring together panelists from different newspapers across the country to discuss how they are generating revenue from donations. For more information, look at the upper right hand ad on this page. Click on that and register. It’s available to all newspapers and there is no charge to participate.

We’ll be discussing logistics like setting up donation forms and gift subscriptions, as well as how to create incentives for donations that support local advertisers.

As a disclaimer, Our Hometown is the designer and host of On Second Thought and e-editions of some Kentucky newspapers.

Guest Speakers

Cecile Wehrman of JournalTrib.com

Kyle Jorrey of The Thousand Oaks Acorn

Tom Lappas of The Henrico Citizen

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