PCAK prepares packet for KPA members on child abuse prevention month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and as it has for the last few years, Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky has prepared a special media packet just for Kentucky newspapers. The packet includes a cover letter from executive director Jill Seyfred, quotes that can be used in writing a story, an “Issues Dashboard” including statistics on Child Abuse in Kentucky, Substance Abuse in the state and choosing a safe caregiver.

If you need specific information about your county, such as the number of abuse cases reported, feel free to contact Jill Seyfred. Jill said PCAK “can report on what the data IS, what it reflects, etc. But the HOW, nitty-gritty of collection, PCAK cannot do since it did not conduct the study.”

Her contact information is included in the packet. Click on this link to the pdf to access the entire packet:   2019 CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION MONTH


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