Plea from The Lake News is a plea heard throughout the industry


The following is from Loyd Ford, The Lake News in Calvert City but it’s a message ringing throughout the industry. Small weekly newspapers, metro dailies or even online newspapers are pleading for the same from their readers.

Loyd Ford

The Lake News, your local newspaper needs your support. Subscribe to The Lake News, that is our message to you. Like almost every newspaper in the United States this newspaper has lost advertising revenue resulting from the loss of businesses in our community. Our business model must change as a result of the changes in our market.

Advertising, from local businesses has for decades provided the bulk of the dollars used to produce local newspapers. The loss of these dollars requires that we become more reliant on revenue from subscription sales.

To make subscribing to The Lake News more attractive we have included full access to our website along with every print subscription. We don’t charge extra for subscribers to read us online.

The Lake News provides important local news on local issues, events, government and the things our readers need to know about. If you are a subscriber, you are supporting that effort.

More subscribers will help us to be a better newspaper and that is better for our community. You can buy a subscription for yourself, a relative or friend for as little as $26.96 a year. That is 52 weekly print issues for $26.95 and full access to

You can visit to subscribe or call (270) 395-5858. Please invest in local journalism. It is important to all of us.

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