Postal Q & A with Kentucky’s own Max Heath: ID statement location, content required

By Max Heath, NNA Postal Consultant, KPA Past President

Q: Have a post office that is refusing to deliver newspapers without the tags on the tubs that are delivered at the DDU drops for same day delivery. Where can I find the ruling that says they have to deliver these local newspapers without the tags?
A: Send the Domestic Mail Manual citation to quit using tubs. Tub use for bundles at DDU drops is a waste of time and energy and is not a good use of “mail transport equipment,” which should be reserved for mail going through the postal distribution network from post office to plant and beyond. See below.
DMM EXCEPTION TO SACKING Flats in carrier route bundles may be placed in flat trays instead of sacks for mail sorted under DMM 23.4.1. Sacking or traying is not required for carrier route bundles entered at a DDU when the mailer unloads bundles under DMM 29.6.5. Mail presented under this exception is not subject to the container charge (but is subject to the bundle charge). Mailers must prepare unsacked, untrayed bundles as follows:
a. The maximum weight for one bundle is 40 pounds; the maximum number of bundles per carrier route is one bundle for each 10 pounds (or increment) of mail for that route, as follows:
1. Mailers must make the fewest number of bundles possible, up to the 40-pound maximum, while maintaining bundle integrity.
2. Mailers may balance the weight of the bundles across the maximum allowable bundles for a route. For example, if there are 36 pounds of mail for a carrier route, the maximum number of bundles for that route is four, which may be in four 9-pound bundles.
b. Mailers must label carrier route bundles using optional endorsement lines under DMM 203.7.0 or use facing slips.

Q: In looking at group papers, I noticed that one is running its postal information in a box that floats all over the first section of the paper. I feel like it must be within the first four pages of the paper. Is that still correct?
A: In an unbound publication, according to DMM 20-, the identification statement must be shown conspicuously in one of the following places: 1. On one of the first five pages. 2. On the table of contents page. 3. In the masthead on the editorial page, if the location of the editorial page is shown in the table of contents on the front page of the publication. 4. On the cover of the publication.

Q: What must be published in a postal identification statement?
A: Under DMM, the identification statement must contain:
1. The publication title and number. The publication number includes an alpha prefix and must be within parentheses immediately after or below the publication title. If an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is assigned, it must appear in the identification statement (for example, “THE WEEKLY JOURNAL” [ISSN 9876-543X]). If an ISSN is not assigned, the USPS number assigned by the PCSC must appear in the identification statement within 90 days after being provided (for example, “THE CIVIC BULLETIN” [USPS 876-690]). The publication number may be on the front or cover page instead of in the identification statement.
2. The issue date. The date may be omitted if it is on the front or cover page.
3. A statement of frequency, such as described in 4.6.2.
4. The issue number. Every issue of each publication must be numbered consecutively in a series that may not be broken by assigning numbers to issues unavoidably omitted. The issue number may be omitted if it is on the front or cover page.
5. At the publisher’s option, the subscription price, if the publication has one.
6. The name and address of the known office of publication, including street number, street name, and the ZIP+4 or 5-digit ZIP Code. The street name and number are optional if there is no letter carrier service. The known office of publication must be clearly distinguishable from the name of other offices of the publication.
7. The imprint “Periodicals Postage Paid at …” or, if mailed at two or more offices, “Periodicals Postage Paid at … and at additional mailing offices.” A notice of pending application is shown instead if copies are mailed while an application is pending: “Application to Mail at Periodicals Postage Prices is Pending at … ”
8. The mailing address for change-of-address orders, in the normal text type of the publication: “POSTMASTER: Send address changes to [publication title and mailing address].” For publications authorized for ACS, as defined in 507.4.2, publishers may modify this statement to say: “POSTMASTER: Send all UAA to CFS.”
(See DMM 507.1.5.2.). Change-of-address information may also be shown on the label carrier or container of publications prepared in envelopes, closed wrappers, or polybags.

MAX HEATH, NNA postal committee, is a postal consultant for Landmark Community Newspapers and NNA members. Email

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