President’s Project for 2017 taking shape

Each year, we get the KPA President to develop one project he or she would like for KPA to accomplish during the term in office. 2017 President Ryan Craig knew long before he took office what his project would be.

“A strategic plan.”

Until 2008, as far as we know, KPA had never had a strategic plan. But that was the project then President Taylor Hayes choose. It was a two-year project that involved surveys of members, college journalism classrooms, state press associations, an extra Board meeting as well as longer Board meetings.

It led to changes in KPA’s operations, a sense of what our members expected from the organization, a new logo and, perhaps the biggest part was, the Kentucky Press News Service.

And while the term “strategic plan” made some Board members shiver at the thought of those longer and extra meetings, KPA is now getting into its “Focus Plan.” It’s not like we’re going to reinvent the wheel this time but the Executive Committee has decided to pick three areas of KPA that need attention and focus all the attention to them.

Dr. Jean Brewer from Lexington is serving as the facilitator for the Focus Plan and gave her first written report last week to the KPA Board. The Focus Plan is going to, well, focus, on Technology, Advertising and Government Relations.

President Ryan discussed the plan with the board last week and then laid out a plan timeline. Once each week, the Executive Committee will get a report on the progress, on issues being developed, on suggestions to improve in those three areas. In the near future, members will be receiving an email about a survey Jean Brewer is conducting. This will give her a better understanding of the topic as it relates to newspapers and perhaps suggestions for KPA improving in that area. We will notify you when the survey as about to be emailed so that you can set aside a few minutes to complete it. It won’t be long and it will be multiple choice.

From that survey, she will be able to set a course for KPA that will take only a few months to complete but that should give us three to four years of representing newspapers as best we can. She will attend the KPA Fall Board Retreat in late October, present a draft of the report and then following feedback from the Board, redefine the goals and the needs and make a final presentation of the plan at the Winter Convention. That’s when KPA takes over and starts implementing the focus plan.

Here’s a look at what the Executive Committee developed for its focus on KPA and more information about the three specific topics the plan will develop. Again, members, friends, Associates, higher education representatives, some state government agencies will be asked to complete a survey that’s being developed now. We will notify everyone by email when the survey is about to be sent so you can watch for it and be ready to assist the Executive Committee and facilitator as they set the course for 2018 and beyond.

The project’s Objectives are:



To access services with existing technology that help member newspapers increase their revenue and marketplace presence;

To substantiate the value that online publications bring to KPA membership.



To develop promotional ideas and outreach methods for new KPA digital offerings;

To develop a technology-based advertising model;

To develop general training tools and standard performance levels for KPA staff related to digital advertising/sales


Government Relations

To engage members more actively in the lobbying process;

To improve interaction/communication with state government agencies that encourage their re-enrollment as a KPA Associate Member;

To develop preliminary activities that address the widespread adversarial perception of the media.


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