Promote Pulse Research survey so you can get some good marketing information for your paper

From Pulse Research for KPA Member Newspapers

Pulse is launching a new survey to help determine the impact of Covid-19 on local shopping intentions. How we shop has changed and this is having a major impact on local businesses and the economy. We hope the survey results will help address some of the business uncertainty. Giving local businesses, newspapers, and sales teams a better understanding of the next few months.

It’s simple to participate: Just invite your readers & website visitors to participate in the survey. Run small house ads inviting your readers to in the Local Business survey and publish a link on your website to the survey.

The survey will run during this period of uncertainty with regular updates of the results for ANA members and their local businesses.

This survey takes less than 30 minutes to complete. We believe that the first findings could be available in the next few weeks. Pulse will provide compiled results if KPA members promote and help get 385 surveys completed. You want and needs marketing and demographic information to help in your sales pitch to agencies and advertisers, so here’s your chance to get access to that information

To participate, all the promotional materials and details are available at:

The survey is live at

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