Promoting public notices, and the newspaper-sponsored website, is vital

Public Notice: An American Tradition is an easy-to-read public policy briefing pamphlet that has been widely used by city and county governments, legislators and newspaper executives seeking to understand the proper role of newspaper notice, particularly in the internet age.

It explores the origins, purpose and defining characteristics of public notice in the U.S., and addresses the present threat and how we can avert it. The fourth edition is now available through the Public Notice Resource Center. Download a copy here.

With House Bill 195 pending in the Kentucky General Assembly and perhaps other pieces of legislation on the horizon, promoting the reason for public notices is vital. It’s also imperative that you place a link to on your website. And please, if you’ve not been there, check it out now. When you click on the link, simply pick a county in the block provided and then hit search. That will take you to all of the notices that have been uploaded to the site for that particular county. No subscription to it? No problem. It’s FREE to everyone who has internet capability. Of course, studies in Kentucky show somewhere between 18 percent and 31 percent of the public has no internet access, just another reason allowing government agencies to only posting their notices on a government-sponsored website is not a workable idea.

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