‘PULSE OF KENTUCKY’ readership study promo materials available for KPA members

Hopefully, you saw a note in On Second Thought recently about a statewide readership survey that KPA is participating in. Pulse of Kentucky is part of a Pulse Research/Pulse of America readership study. It’s been a few years since KPA conducted a readership survey to benefit newspapers and advertising sales, partly because of the cost. These statewide surveys can easily run $20,000 to $25,000.

This one, however, is much more extensive than any KPA has undertaken and much, much cheaper. In fact, it’s “free” as in FREE!!

Here’s a result from the same survey that’s already been conducted in another state:

pulse-survey-results-copyBut it has to have your help along with KPA’s to promote. That’s the “cost” — promoting the online survey to readers. Pulse Research and KPA are asking you to run ads in print and online directing your readers to go to a website to participate. The entire survey is done online — www.pulsepoll.com — and will be active through January 5. By running ads in print and online, you will have access to all the data collected. We should have the results by mid-January.

KPA will share the results with those newspapers who run print ads (send me a tearsheet to show you ran an ad) and/or online ads (send me the URL so we can check the site or send me a screen shot of the ad on your website).

Here’s a link to the PRINT and ONLINE ADS that are ready for your use, plus more information about the survey  —  http://www.pulseresearch.com/poa.html#ads

This is one of the print ads available for KPA members to use to promote the online survey. Digital ads are also available at the link given

This is one of the print ads available for KPA members to use to promote the online survey. Digital ads are also available at the link given

Promote the survey as much as possible. Put the ads on a website and your Facebook Page and leave them on there through the end of the year. Or take a print ad and use it as space is available, or when you need something to finish laying out a page. You’ll note that Pulse Research is offering a $4,000 grand prize to one person who completes the survey.

So that you know, there are several questions about radio listenership, TV viewership and newspapers. 

Here are the newspaper readership/usage questions on the survey:

* Have you or any member of your household read the local newspaper in the past WEEK?

* Have you or a member of your household read the local newspaper in the last 24 hours?

* Including yourself, how many people inside and outside of your home read YOUR copy of the local newspaper?

* Which of the following types of publications have you or anyone in your household read in the past month? (Answers include national daily, local daily, local weekly, alternative publication, specialty publication, business publication)

* How often do you or any members of your household read the following in the local newspaper? (Answers include classifieds, retail ads, inserts, real estate, automotive, content focused special sections, public notices)

* Do you or anyone in your household prefer important public notices to be published in the local newspaper or posted on the web at a government operated web site? (Answers to this will be beneficial in battling the legislative forces wanting to put these notices on a government-controlled website)

* If you or any member of your household placed a classified ad in a local print publication or website in the last 12 months, what was the most recent response to the ad?

* In the last seven days, have you visited your local newspaper’s website?

* Which of the following have you or a member of your household done on a local newspaper website, in the past 3 months?

After questions about media usage and habits, the survey gets into a shopping habits survey and items that the household is considering purchasing in the future. This information would be advantageous to your newspaper sales staff by giving them information from the study to call on prospective businesses that could benefit from having the shopping information.

Please help us promote this survey so that we get a lot of responses from Kentuckians and can establish some really good information for newspaper sales staffs to use and for all of us to brag about newspaper readership and usage. Print is not dead, and is still very strong in Kentucky!!!

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