Pulse Research project gets you updated statistics on shopping habits, newspaper readership

Here’s one of the ads available for newspapers who want to participate in the readership study being supported by KPA through Pulse Research.

The Kentucky Press Association is pleased to announce an exceptional member service that will help each of you generate more revenue in 2019.

KPA is again partnering with Pulse Research to do a comprehensive shopping survey of the audience of members.  There is no cost to the association or you.

By participating in the Pulse of America shopping survey, Pulse Research will provide you and KPA with the results of the Pulse of America survey. Your sales staff will have the most current consumer product and service purchasing plans for effective sales presentations.

It’s simple to participate: Just invite your readers and website visitors to participate in the survey. Run small house ads inviting your readers to in the Pulse of America consumer survey and publish a link on your website to the survey.

This will be the third year we’ve joined with Pulse to conduct a statewide survey of consumer shopping habits that also includes information about the media those shoppers use. Last year’s survey was a disappointment for Kentucky because Pulse received only 300 responses. A qualified survey sample for Kentucky is 400 responses so we hope you’ll help promote this now through January 2. Pulse will share the statewide results with KPA and then with our members in mid- to late January.

The information gleaned from the survey will give your ad sales staff additional information to share with advertisers and with your readers.

There are also some questions about Public Notice advertising that can benefit KPA and its members in legislative battles.

Participating is simple. Feel free to write a story that your newspaper is participating and then publish in each issue one or more of the promotional ads provided. 

Here is a link to the promo ads, for both print and online promotion.  www.pulseresearch.com/poa.html

Your readers will be directed to an online survey. In your story that you are participating in the survey, and as shown in the ads, direct readers to www.pulsepoll.com where they will take the survey and by entering, have a chance to win $3,000!!

Questions? Let me know by email — dthompson@kypress.com — or call at 502-223-8821. We need to reach the 400 sample minimum to get the statistics from the survey and then those will be share with our members in mid- to late January.

Thanks in advance for really pushing the survey. It will benefit you and your newspaper and give your ad staff additional information about why advertisers need to be in the newspaper.

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