Push notifications can help move publishers away from heavy reliance on Facebook

By Jennifer Nelson, Reynolds Journalism Institute

As she seeks to rely on Facebook less with its algorithms changing and impacting outbound links and referrals, Planet Princeton publisher and editor Krystal Knapp says push notifications have been a way to directly reach readers where they are. They have also allowed the hyperlocal publisher to stay competitive with other local entities also pushing content out.

Jennifer Nelson

But many small hyperlocal publishers aren’t taking advantage of this technology, says Knapp. She discovered this after studying 500 of these sites. As a hyperlocal publisher, who has benefitted from this technology, she wants to help other publishers take advantage of push notifications. She plans to create a guide for small, independent publishers that will highlight why they should be using push notifications during a 2019-20 fellowship at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute.

Knapp will identify best practices and detail how notifications can fit into an overall strategy for audience development for the guide that complements other distribution methods such as email newsletters, social media, instant messaging and voice search tools.

Full post: https://www.rjionline.org/stories/rji-fellow-push-notifications-can-help-move-publishers-away-from-heavy-reli

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