Q&A with State Journal Publisher Steve Stewart on switch to mail

Part of the State Journal’s announcement of moving to the mail for its daily delivery included a Q&A session with SJ publisher Steve Stewart.

Question: Why did The State Journal change from delivery by newspaper carriers to the U.S. Postal Service?

Answer: Partnering with the postal service allows us to deliver the daily newspaper in the most reliable, timely and cost-effective way. It ensures guaranteed delivery each day for our subscribers and allows us to invest our resources in outstanding local news coverage.

Question: When will I receive my newspaper?

You will receive the newspaper with your normal mail delivery on the day of publication.

Question: Will the newspaper cost more?

No, our subscription rates have not changed. You will still receive six issues a week at the same cost.

Question: What if I don’t receive my newspaper or don’t receive it on the day of publication?

Please contact the newspaper office first at 502-227-4556 or circulation@state-journal.com. We will check the status of your account before contacting the post office and working to get you that day’s newspaper.

Question: What will happen to the Sunday edition?

A Weekend edition will be printed early Saturday morning and delivered in Saturday’s mail since the postal service does not deliver on Sundays. It will be available in stores and sidewalk newsstands on Saturday morning.

Question: Will there be any change in news coverage or items in the newspaper?

The new Weekend edition will allow us to provide much timelier print coverage of Friday night high school sports. Otherwise, news coverage should not be significantly affected. Previously, our newspaper was printed at 8:30 in the morning. Now, it will be printed just after midnight. You will still receive next-day coverage of local government meetings and high school sports. Print coverage of weekend events will be in Monday’s edition, and digital coverage will be provided at www.State-Journal.com.

Question: How will holidays affect newspaper delivery?

There are 10 postal holidays we will not publish a newspaper: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Question: Will I still be able to buy The State Journal in stores and from sidewalk newsstands?

Yes, we have a host of gas stations, convenience store, grocery stores and other vendors that carry The State Journal, and now you will be able to pick up a copy by 8 a.m. each day.

Question: Can I put my subscription on vacation hold or stop?

Yes, if you would like to put your newspaper on hold and receive back issues after returning from vacation, you have two options. Your best option is to contact the post office and have all of your mail held. You will get the newspaper with other mail held when you return. If you prefer The State-Journal handle the vacation stop, we are happy to hold your newspapers at our office, where you can pick them up when you return from vacation.

Question: Will my newspaper be delivered to my post office box?

Yes, just like your regular mail each day.

Question: What will happen to the newspaper carriers?

Our carriers, who work as independent contractors, will be provided transitional pay. The State Journal is paying its carriers for the entire month of September to thank them for their service and to help them while they seek other work.

Question: What if I pay my carrier for my subscription?

All payments will now be accepted at our office. For your convenience, we will send you two renewal notices through the mail. The first will be sent a month before your subscription expires and another two weeks later. You can pay by check, credit card, bank draft or hand-delivery at our office on Wilkinson Boulevard.

Question: Who can I contact with questions or issues?

Please call our customer service team at 502-227-4556.

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