Reminder! Hunger Action Month begins Sunday; help bring attention to the ‘food insecure’ issues residents in your community face every day

September is Hunger Action Month; Feeding Kentucky has furnished a media packet just for KPA members

Feeding Kentucky has prepared a special media packet just for KPA members about Hunger Action Month that begins Sunday and continues throughout September. That packet is attached and please take the time to go through it. The figures about Overall Hunger, Child Hunger and Older Adult/Senior Adult hunger are alarming. Tonight, you and I will go home and know where our next meal is coming from. That is not the case for a good number of Kentuckians. And Hunger Action Month is designed to make Kentuckians aware of the situation and hopefully help do something about it.

HAM KPA packet 2019

In the packet (attached as HAM KPA Packet 2019), you will find:

• a letter from Feeding Kentucky executive director Tamara Sandberg

• information about Overall Hunger, Child Hunger and Older Adult/Senior Hunger. On Overall Hunger and Child Hunger I draw your attention to the “Map the Meal Gap” link on the page. Click on that and you will find a map of Kentucky. You can hover over each county, especially yours of course, and get facts and figures about the percent of residents who are “food insecure.” Then click on your county and scroll to the bottom of screen to get the number of residents in the county who are “food insecure.”

• a link that has a local food pantry listed with contact information in each county to help you localize your stories.

• an Op-Ed Column for your use to introduce Hunger Action Month

• Names and contact information for the board members

• Media Contacts if you want more information including a link to Feeding America

• and a public service ad about Hunger Action Month. Here’s a thought: Take that ad to some local businesses and get them to participate in a “signature” page showing their support for Hunger Action Month.

Tamara Sandberg put this packet together with the help of the board members listed so feel free to contact her with questions or for more information. There’s at least one Board member many of you know — Jamie Sizemore, KPA Past President and former publisher of the Kentucky Standard. Jamie is now executive director of Feeding America Kentucky’s Heartland.

Thank you for your interest in Hunger Action Month and for bringing this to the attention of your readers.

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