Reminder: Pulse Research study is useful; share the strength of Kentucky newspapers

About a month ago, I relayed to you the results of Pulse Research’s “Pulse of America” survey results. In the process, Pulse focused on individual states as it gathered the results for another client. And we were able to share the “Pulse of Kentucky” portion with you and for your use. I bring it to your attention again to show the strength of Kentucky newspapers when you’re making sales calls to advertisers. Access the survey results (below) and come up with promotional materials to share with local businesses, especially potential advertisers.

Late in the fall, Pulse Research announced it was conducting a national Pulse of America research project. It was a substantial undertaking for a client but one that would assess the public’s media habits and at the same time see what shoppers were expecting to buy. And where they would go for information about those products and services.

Since it was involving most every state, and knowing that the news media likes to have current research information on hand, Pulse reached out to some press associations. Since the project was already being paid for and since questions involved newspapers and readers’ habit, Pulse invited KPA to participate. There was no charge to KPA or newspapers, the only stipulation being that newspapers needed to promote the research project.

It was an online survey so Pulse needed promotion of the project which it obtained with the ads published by newspapers in print and online and offered a $4,000 incentive to one lucky person who completed the survey.

Most every Kentucky newspaper did promote the survey with print and online ads, giving readers instructions on how to access the survey and promoting the $4,000 gift.

We received the results Thursday and while there hasn’t been a chance to examine every question and the responses from 343 completed surveys, here are some things we did find out from the survey:

• 94.8 percent of the respondents said they or someone in their household had read a “local newspaper in the past week.”

• 58.5 percent said they had made a purchase in the last 30 days because of an advertisement in a local newspaper. Only 40 percent had made a purchase because of a radio ad and 51.5 percent had made a purchase because of a TV commercial.

• only 4.1 percent agree with Sen. Chris McDaniel that notices from public agencies should be placed on a government website!

• in the last month, 62.5 percent (203 respondents) had read a daily newspaper while 92.3 percent (300) had read a paid or free circulation weekly newspaper.

• asked the type of information they are most interested in, the respondents’ answers showed these areas at the top — local breaking news (85.1 percent), local news (80.2), county news (70.6), local crime news (69.7), state or national news (54.5). Local business news, local school news, local advertising, local dining news, local political news, local entertainment news and local sports news followed in that order.

The complete results are available in a 121-page pdf that is attached.

2017 POA – Kentucky Survey (1)

Read over the results and then encourage your advertising staff to hit the streets showing local businesses the strength of the newspaper when reaching out for customers and then pick out the types of products and services readers may be interested in purchasing in the near future and have the business focus on that information when planning its upcoming newspaper schedule.

Thanks to all the KPA member newspapers — most every one participated — in promoting the research project. Three out of every four respondents said they learned about the survey from a newspaper print or online ad.

There’s a wealth of other information about newspapers and about readers’ habits included so open up the pdf, print it out and keep it handy as a reference.

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