Reporter was detained doing her job and she doesn’t want it to happen to others

Colorado editor: ‘I didn’t want to be pushed around’

By David Beard, Poynter Institute

Susan Greene was on her way to the bank when she saw a group of Denver police standing around a man who was naked on the pavement.

The editor of The Colorado Independent, who has covered criminal justice issues for much of the past few decades, wanted to make sure the police handled the situation properly. She stopped. She began taking pictures.

Then she found herself handcuffed and detained in a squad car.

Body camera footage released last week of the July incident showed one officer telling her to “act like a lady.” His partner, also male, repeated the phrase, to which she replied in the Independent: “How exactly should a lady act when being wrongly detained on a public sidewalk for exercising First Amendment rights?” [Full story: Poynter/David Beard]

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