At the April Board meeting, we discussed the KPA Ad Contest and I think found some language, requirements that need to be changed, what with the move to electronic entering and judging. I agree that needs to be done and after thinking about it, we need to look at the same issues in the Fall news contest. So over the next few weeks, I’m going to get copies of the ad contest to the Ad Division and copies of the Fall news contest to the News Editorial Division and start hashing out what changes need to be made.

We’ve had some suggestions for new categories in the Fall news contest, but that kind of a move would require deleting a category or two.

I’ll get the contest materials to members in both divisions and then probably set up conference calls to work through whatever changes need to be made.

Arkansas is judging the advertising contest right now and Pennsylvania, I think, has agreed to judge the Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers Fall news contest.

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