RJI creates ‘one-stop webpage’ for extensive research help on COVID-19

The tips, tools and advice about journalism and COVID-19 have been plentiful. And that’s a great thing. But because they’re flying around the internet in emails, newsletters and blog posts, it can sometimes be hard to find what you’re looking for. The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute can help.

one-stop webpage has been created that includes an index of articles, tips, tools and advice all collated by Dorothy Carner, Missouri School of Journalism head librarian, and Sandy Schiefer, the Journalism Research and Digital Access Librarian at the Columbia Missourian Library. The information is there to assist journalists trying to report the news during this period of global pandemic and social distancing.

The resources page contains sections devoted to tips and tools for journalists, information on grants and funding, advice and help for freelance journalists, how to manage your people and your balance sheet through this crisis, resources available through journalism advocates and associations, how to engage with the community, organizations offering funding relief not specific to journalism.

Also available on the site is a list of upcoming RJI webinars presented by Kat Duncan, RJI’s interim director of innovation, as well as links to recordings of past webinars.

Learn more and check out the resource here: https://www.rjionline.org/stories/rji-offers-journalists-a-one-stop-webpage-with-covid-19-resources

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