RJI Fellow identifies 10 steps to making newsroom reporting more inclusive

By Melba Newsome, RJI Fellow

Melba Newsome

Despite decades of making a case for more inclusion and representation in journalism, most newsrooms are still not an accurate mirror of the society they seek to capture and inform. Progress is slow and women and people of color are still underrepresented in mainstream media stories, which automatically leads to a lack of trust among certain populations.

During her fellowship, Melba Newsome, a Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellow, learned that the lack of diversity is often caused by bad habits, not necessarily bad motives and that a few small tweaks can make big differences.

If you’re part of a small reporting team, belong to a large newsroom or are an independent journalist like Melba, there are small steps you can take to make your journalism more inclusive and enhance the depth and breadth of your reporting.

Through this fellowship, she created a guide to help reporters be more inclusive.

Full post: https://www.rjionline.org/stories/a-guide-10-steps-to-more-inclusive-reporting


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