Rural journalists encouraged to apply for this major ethics award!

The Center for Journalism Ethics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is accepting applications for the Anthony Shadid Award for Journalism Ethics until Jan. 15, 2019.
“Now in its ninth year, the Shadid Award recognizes ethical decisions in reporting stories in any medium, including print, broadcast and digital, by journalists working for established news organizations or publishing individually,” the center says. “The award focuses on current journalism and does not include books, documentaries and other long-term projects. Entries should involve reporting done for stories that were published or broadcast in 2018. Individuals or news organizations may nominate themselves or others.”
It’s different than other journalism awards because it focuses on the difficult decisions journalists often must make when pursuing important stories to fulfill their ethical obligations to sources, ordinary people caught up in news events, and the story’s audience. Recognizing such ethical rigor is more important than ever, with declining public trust in journalism.
The winner will receive a $1,000 prize and travel expenses to accept the award and discuss the winning entry at an awards ceremony in the spring of 2019.


“For once I’d like to see a rural journalist win this award, or at least get nominated for it, because it is generally more difficult – and can be a lot more difficult – to do hard-nosed, ethical journalism in rural areas and small towns than in metropolitan areas,” said Al Cross, director of the Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues, which publishes The Rural Blog. There should be no shortage of qualified rural candidates for the award, he wrote, since rural journalists often face ethical challenges.

Click here for more information or to apply for the award.

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