School, community safety series continues Friday, March 23

Just a reminder that our three-, and potentially four-, part series on school and community safety, written by Tom Preston, will continue Friday, March 23.

Part Two of Tommy’s series will focus on:

  • Correct and incorrect solutions for school safety.  Which will America choose?
  • The traditional media can influence powerfully.  Will it?

Tom is founder of Preston Global, an offshoot of his public relations firm in Lexington, and has a wealth of expertise in terrorism and counter-intelligence.

The third part of the series will be on Friday, April 6.

A fourth part of the series depends on newspapers. Tommy plans to answer any questions, concerns or issues you have about the subject or his presentations in the series.

The entire series is available through On Second Thought, at

Newspapers wishing to republish the series may do so. The cost is $15 per newspaper, $10 if you sign up three or more newspapers under common ownership.

If you missed the first installment of the series, here is a link to the March 9 edition of On Second Thought —

Newspapers’ finest achievement ever could be in stepping forward for safer schools, communities

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