Self-care tips for journalists: When tense, BREATHE! Take breaks, whether small or big

By Naseem S. Miller, The Journalist’s Resource

There are many things journalists can do to improve their mental health. We share some practical tips from Dr. Elana Newman, research director at the Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma at Columbia University. …

Breathe. “When you get tense, simply remembering to breathe helps,” she said.

Take small breaks during your workday. Set up a timer on your phone or computer as a reminder to get up from your desk. Maybe take a walk. Grab a cup of tea or coffee. Studies have shown that small mental breaks can help with focus.

After big stories, take big breaks. Take a day off after finishing a large investigative story and before you move on to the next story or project. “Having a little bit of a break is one of the things that we found is helpful in reducing stress,” Newman said.

Remember your mission and purpose. Write a short mission statement and post it where you can see it regularly — to remind yourself why you do the work you do and why you’re pursuing the story, Newman said.

Have rituals to end your day. “During the pandemic, everything has been blurring and there’s been no boundaries,” Newman said.

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