Senate, House have dealt their hands

And as the session nears its halfway point, we know all of the bills that have been filed. Thursday was the last day for the Senate to file bills; today is the last day for the House.

We end the 2017 short session with 253 Senate bills being filed, the most ever in a 30-day short session. This is the eighth short session and the number of Senate bills have ranged from a low of 168 and 192 to high of 225, 222, and 221 until this year.

The House is another story. It’s typical for any session to end with the House outdistancing the Senate because, well there are almost three times as many Representatives. 2007 was the big year in the House when 573 bills were filed for consideration and there have been three in the 550-range.

We went into today with 454 House Bills on tap and last I heard the number had risen to close to 540. I doubt it will reach the 573 record but it will be one of the largest numbers of legislation filed in any short session.

The first short session — coming after the legislators pulled the wool over the public’s eye and tricked them into voting for annual sessions — had a low of 387 bills filed in the House.

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