Series by Tom Preston revisited after elementary school shootings in Uvalde, Texas

Tom Preston

Back in 2018, On Second Thought asked Tom Preston to offer a series of columns on crisis prevention, response and resolution. With the school shootings earlier this week in Uvalde, Texas, I wanted to revisit Tommy’s columns, knowing some of you weren’t part of KPA four years ago and those who were might want a refresher on his observations from 60 years’ experience in these areas.

Rapidly expanding public attention combined with sustaining media interest cued me to ask Tom Preston for thoughts on school safety and press commentaries.

He brings 60 years of experience with acute crisis prevention, response and resolution, ranging from secret global counterterrorism missions as an Army officer to state and federal protective roles and being appointed Homeland Security Chief for Kentucky.

Tom’s near-lifelong dealing with nearly every imaginable type of dreaded situation adversely affecting the general public, businesses, and governments involves thwarting attackers, security strategy and intelligence assessments plus law enforcement seminars.

Early in his career he owned community newspapers in our Commonwealth as well as engaging in national magazine publishing. From 1968 to today his consulting firm, now Preston Global, continues in crisis prevention, response and communication.

The four-part series written by Tommy is below and in chronological order. Permission is granted if you wish to republish any or all of these columns.

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