Session down to six days but still a lot on their plates

The 30-day 2021 Kentucky General Assembly is down to its final six days but it’s got a long way to go, legislation-wise, before the gavel bangs Sine Die by March 30.

The snow and ice storms that hit last week played havoc with the schedule since legislators decided it was best to take the week off and adjust its meeting times. This was the last full week, officially, but there could still be some alterations made before March 30.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week were scheduled to be “Conference Committee” times, when legislation between the two chambers has been changed so they have a conference committee to work out differences.

But check out the schedule for those three days and you’ll see just how far this session is from being over. This the regular/standing committee schedule and workload for next week.

They are to be in full session Thursday and Friday, then in Concurrence Session March 15 and 16 before the 10-day Veto Session. That’s in case Governor Andy Beshear decides to veto any legislation still on his desk. Then they’ll come back March 30, consider overriding any vetoes before adjourning til January, unless called into Special Session something along the way.

While the manta early on was for more transparency, more open government, you can see from the KPA Bill Tracker there’s probably a record number of Open Records bills that have been filed this session.

Here, have a gander at bill’s we’ve at least kept an eye on:



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