Set your sights on the 2020 KPA Winter Convention, January 23-24 at the Lexington Hilton

The Lexington Hilton is bordered by Vine, Broadway and Main Street in the downtown area.

We hope you’ve set your sights on the 2020 Kentucky Press Association Winter Convention, scheduled for Thursday and Friday, January 23 and 24 at the Hilton Inn in downtown Lexington.

Of immediate need is to make your room reservation(s) with the Hilton by using our direct link reservation form.

For access to the hotel link and to register for the convention, go to

Rooms are $114 per night, double or single occupancy, plus taxes of course.

Here’s a preliminary look at the convention agenda. We are working on specific start times for some of these.


10 a.m.                         KPA/KPS Board of Directors Meeting                           

11 a.m.                         KPA Registration Desk and Trade Show Opens

11:30 a.m.                    KPA Business Meeting – All Members

Business matters include final approval of dues recommendation by the KPA Board of Directors                       

12 Noon                       KPA Board of Directors and KPA Past Presidents Luncheon

1 p.m.                           KPA Past Presidents Meeting

2 p.m.                           KPA Legal Defense Fund Committee Meeting

6 p.m.                           2019 KPA Advertising Awards Reception

7 p.m.                           2019 KPA Advertising Awards Banquet

Winners of the Advertising Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers 2019 competition are announced as well as newspapers receiving General Excellence.



  • The importance of archiving and digitizing your newspaper editions. We’ve moved beyond just binding copies of each issue and microfilming for future reference
  • Delivery, Delivery, Delivery – Ask publishers and circulation directors the number one issue with getting newspapers to subscribers and they’ll tell you getting USPS to get each edition delivered in a timely manner is at the top. Brad Hill, a member of the Mailers Technical Advisory Council, addresses this issue to help newspapers learn how to get better delivery from the postal service.
  • Using a Metered Paywall to Generate Subscription Revenue — “30 Revenue Generating Ideas in 90 Minutes” — Gone are the days of just giving your hard work print content ‘free of charge’ to your digital subscribers. Today, savvy news organizations are figuring out create value from ‘the website,’ and how to make money from digital products. This is a fast-paced workshop presentation with a focus on new ideas (metered paywalls, audio articles, and  customer ‘apps’), to name a few.  Presenter – Deb Blanchard, OurHometown
  • (scheduled for 2 p.m.) – The future is now. No longer are newspapers just a printed product. Facebook, Twitter, social media, apps, video and livestreaming are part of this industry, a big part, and your newspaper can be moving forward as well. James Scogin is chair of the KPA Digital Media Division and is getting together some experts from our members to talk about everything newspapers can and should be doing in these areas
  • Open Government. Transparency is an operative word and that includes Open Meetings and Open Records. One of our Hotline attorneys will be talking about Kentucky’s Open Meetings and Open Records laws to let you and your staff understand these laws better, educating our members on what the laws say and what they mean.
  • Using Open Records – property valuation office, election finance, licensing to name a few — for research and don’t overlook what you can learn by reading Public Notices published in your newspaper
  • (scheduled for 10:30 a.m.) Super Session: Student Media/Community Partnerships. Partnerships between student publications that are part of KIPA, and local newspapers are becoming more common. Learn about how these student media/community partnerships are working and how you might become involved in one in the future. This is a KIPA session but KPA members are invited to attend. 

12 Noon                       KPA Changing of the Guard Luncheon

                                    2019 KPA President Jay Nolan passes the gavel to 2020 KPA President Jeff Jobe

Presentation of the 2019 Most Valuable Member Award

Presentation of the 2019 Lewis Owens Community Service Award

2 p.m.                           KPA and KIPA Convention Programs continue

  • (scheduled for 2 p.m.) The Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues recently held a regional workshop on Substance Abuse and Recovery. IRJCI director Al Cross expands on that workshop and shows how important the issue is in every community. As KPA Board member Dennis Brown wrote: “We cannot continue to wear blinders and ignore this problem that is now affecting every member of our communities,” wrote Dennis, editor and publisher of the weekly Lewis County Herald in Vanceburg. Dennis said he has written stories “on school teachers, politicians, and otherwise ‘good’ community members who have fallen victim to this demon. I feel we should be directing much more of our attention to this matter and exploring ways we can help curb the spread of addiction and provide our community members with information on helping themselves and/or family members through the limited available avenues of recovery. I’m looking forward to attending the workshop to get some tips on covering what has truly become an epidemic for our area.”
  • (scheduled for 2 p.m.) – KIPA Session – Investigative Reporting & Divisive Issues (Session organizers: Steph Anderson & Tricia Kelly)
  • (scheduled for 2 p.m.) – KIPA Session — Incorporating audio and video into your newsroom culture — (Session organizer: Michele Day)\
  • (scheduled for 3 p.m.) – KIPA Session – Social Media & Engagement (Session organizer: Sam Oldenburg)
  • (scheduled for 3 p.m.) – KIPA Session – Sports as News – Take your sports coverage beyond the game. (Session organizer: Stacie Shain)
  • (scheduled for 4 p.m.) – KIPA Super Session: Student Media Forum Brainstorm and share ideas for stories and practices in covering campus news in Kentucky 

3:30 p.m.                    KPA and KIPA Convention Programs continue except as noted

6 p.m.                           Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers – 2019 Awards Reception                                                             

7 p.m.                           Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers – 2019 Dinner and Awards Presentation                          

Winners of the Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers 2019 competition are announced as well as newspapers receiving General Excellence.

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