Snide remark or unfortunate timing?

I emailed this Wednesday to all editors and to the KPA Board. I think it’s worth sharing with all our members and KPA friends.

During the heated debate in the House (Tuesday) night on Senate Bill 75 about Campaign Financing, Rep. Mary Lou Marzian explained why she was voting NO.

In her explanation, she raised a card that had been placed at each House member’s desk during a recess, a card to celebrate Sunshine Week 2017.

Holding up the card, her comment was:

“And I was amazed when I sat down after the break and found Sunshine Week March 12-18 sitting on my desk. ‘Celebrating the importance of access to Open Records, Open Meetings, Government Transparency and Freedom of Information.  What a joke we are pulling on the people of Kentucky to open our campaigns and our Capitol up to unlimited money.’ ” 

My knee jerk reaction was that was a slap at the idea of Sunshine Week. As I watched and listened to it again a second, third and fourth time Wednesday morning, she was meaning the legislation was the joke, not Sunshine Week, I think.

Rep. Jill York, R-Grayson, is the sponsor of House Resolution 162 celebrating Sunshine Week 2017 and part of what Rep. Marzian read was a quote on the card taken from the resolution. I have to believe Rep. Marzian was taking issue to the Republican-sponsored legislation to reform campaign financing and not to celebrating open government this week.

Below is the link to Tuesday night’s House proceedings. If at the bottom of the screen you see PART 4, click on that. Then at the bottom of the PART 4 screen you will see a time bar. Move that over to about 1:34. That’s when the House is taking the vote and Speaker Jeff Hoover recognizes the “Lady from Jefferson 34” to explain her vote.

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