Snow wasn’t going to stop her from finding her newspaper

Did you catch NBC News Thursday night? Of course, one of the lead stories had to be the “bomb” snowstorm in the Northeast with interviews aplenty of residents and state or city officials throughout the area.

But one of the segments caught my attention and it’s a testament to people wanting their newspaper.

The segment shows a 69-year-old lady shoveling the driveway and being helped by neighbors. It didn’t say how deep the snow was but it appeared to be a foot or more.

Now you might think she was wanting to clear the driveway to get her car out. No such luck. As she shoveled, the videographer asked what she was doing.

“I’m trying to find my newspaper.”

Obviously that was a testament to how important her newspaper is to her. That speaks volumes for that newspaper, wherever it was.

You can see the video in this link below. Access the link, scroll down to the second video segment (there are two separate videos) and then watch for a few seconds until you see a lady shoveling her drive.

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