So Franklin County wants to start a newspaper of its own, huh?

Franklin County wants to get into the newspaper business; maybe the State Journal should get into governing

The Franklin County Fiscal Court voted to authorize a partnership with TCHQ Communications to develop and publish a quarterly publication.

County Attorney Rick Sparks said the fiscal court would need to work out more details before officially going forward with the partnership.

The publication would be titled “Franklin County News,” with the intention of improving communication between the county government and residents. The fiscal court would have control of the content, which could include columns by the magistrates, pieces promoting county projects and successes, community events and government meetings.

The publication would be produced at no cost to the county and TCHQ Communications would sell advertising to produce it, TCHQ representative Leo Haggerty said.

The publication would be sent to “every mailbox (approximately 26,000) in Franklin County,” according to a memo proposing the project to the fiscal court.

TCHQ Communications is a public relations, advertising, finders and crisis management company.

Editor’s Note: Sounds like a real advantage for TCHQ huh? “Hey we have the endorsement of the Fiscal Court to publish a newsletter for them and we’re here to sell you advertising. We sure hope you support your Franklin County government and will agree to take out an ad in their publication,” wink, wink.

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