So is it no punctuation, a – or a /?

How do you write the term?

County Judge Executive

County Judge-Executive

County Judge/Executive

Until recently, I don’t know I had ever seen or used a hyphen or slash in the phrase County Judge Executive. Er, Judge-Executive. No make that Judge/Executive.

It was mentioned to me a discussion was going on over the proper wording. I stood firm with no punctuation because (a) I’d never written it with punctuation and (b) never seen it with punctuation.

So I took a few minutes to look up the term, thinking I could prove my point.


I went to the website for the KCJEAssociation to see how it is used in that organization’s name.

A hyphen? No.

No punctuation? I was wrong

A slash? Yep.

It’s officially, at least on all references I can find for that association, the Kentucky County Judge/Executive Association.

If you Google the term, you’re apt to find all three as references.

Maybe to settle the discussion, you could go to state law. I mean the legislature would never make a mistake in writing a law would it?

If you believe that, then check out KRS 67.710 on Powers:

67.710 Powers and duties
The county judge/executive shall be the chief executive of the county and shall have all the powers and perform all the duties of an executive and administrative nature vested in, or imposed upon, the county or its fiscal court by law, or by agreement with any municipality or other subdivision of government, and such additional powers as are granted by the fiscal court. The county judge/executive shall be responsible for the proper administration of the affairs of the county placed in his charge.
I guess State Law trumps all questions. It’s county judge/executive. Because state law says so.
Sure am glad I’m not in a reporting position when I’d have to write about the “chief executive” of county government. Like they say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

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