So just who was T.W. Gunn? ‘Possessed knowledge of the Night Riders’

Two weeks ago, I showed a picture of a 1914 gavel given to KPA with an engraving showing it was presented by T.W. Gunn. There are no records in the list of Past Presidents or other things related to KPA that mentions T.W. Gunn.

But Bobbie Bryant, with the Kentucky League of Cities, went to work when she read that and tracked down some interesting articles at mentioning T.W. Gunn.

Below are four links to references to him, including the top one that discusses he must have had knowledge of the ‘Night Riders.’ Makes interesting reading about the night riders, about the Tobacco Association of Christian County, lawlessness in Christian County and “rebuking the local newspaper.”

Another refers to him as a conductor on the Cadiz road, an apparent reference to the railroad; operating Western Kentucky’s oldest and finest pleasure resort about halfway between Princeton and Hopkinsville; and, then a September 19, 1914, article in the Louisville Courier-Journal with a dateline from Cadiz, Ky., on residents attending the State Fair the day before. Those residents included T.W. Gunn.

So the question remains why T.W. Gunn of Cadiz, Ky., presented a gavel to KPA in 1914. Or reading some of the things in the links, maybe it was meant to be a hatchet or tomahawk.

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